All You Need To Know About Piles Or Hemorrhoids?

piles or hemorrhoids
Do you feel enormous pain when passing stool? Do you bleed when passing stool and then itching follows? Piles occur when rectal and anal blood vessels mostly veins are dilated and swollen because of prolonged straining while passing stool and bowel movement.  Swollen painful vein of rectum and anus is known as hemorrhoids or piles. Swollen veins may form internal or external hemorrhoid.

Piles can be inside the anal canal or just outside it, but the former kind is more common. It is more common in those suffering from chronic constipation, obesity, or diarrhea, those who lift heavy weights regularly and those who strain during the bowel movement. Increased pressure within the vein is also observed during pregnancy so pregnant women can also develop piles.

The symptoms include:

*Itching in the anal region

*Blood after passing stool

*Pain while passing stool

*Hard lump outside/ around the anal

*Feeling full even after emptying the bowel


When you observe the symptoms above, visit the doctor as soon as possible. Piles is a common condition and can be easily treated with laxatives, increased intake of fluids and high-fiber diet, etc. In extreme cases, a surgical operation might be required to remove them.

Other forms of treatment are;

- Cleaning the skin around the anus with clean water and soap once or twice a day.

- Wiping the skin clean following bowel function.

- Drinking a lot of water.

I hope this helps, stay healthy!

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