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What do you know about Appendicitis - Appendix Disease?

There is an organ called an appendix in the human body, which is about 3 1/2" long worm-like tissue attached to the colon. Been a vestigial organ, our body no longer needs it. Appendicitis is a disease that can occur if there's an inflammation in the appendix, maybe due to an infection or blockage.

•Pain in the abdomen.
•Fever ranging from 99 to 102F.
•Nausea and vomiting.
•Inability to pass gas.
•Loss of appetite.
•Pain during urination.
•Constipation or diarrhoea.
Unfortunately, early diagnosis can be tough because the symptoms of the appendix are similar to those of many other ailments. The diagnosis of appendicitis can be carried out through a physical test, CT scan, ultrasound, white blood cell count, etc. It can be treated with antibiotics or a surgery called appendectomy to remove the appendix. Removal of the appendix is either through a 4" incision or laparoscopy, and it's done under general anaesthesia. Full recovery can take up to 2-3 weeks, but the patie…

Android Users- You Can Now Download Ink and Pens Blog App

Hello,Rapporians holla! Where are my Android users? Do you know you can now download a free mobile App for Ink & Pen'sBlog? This is an android based App called Ink & Pen's Blog!!
Do you get tired punching in the site's address into your Browser? Do you sometimes wait endlessly waiting for the links to appear on Facebook or Twitter before you visit the blog? This mobileapplication is built to tackle all these little issues.
You can download this mobile application and install on your android phone easily. The size of the App is only 9 megabytes. Benefits of having the App on your phone below;
1. You don't have to use your data consuming browsers to read interesting posts on Ink & Pen's blog again.
2. At the launch of the App, it automatically synchronize the 25 most recent blog posts on Ink & Pen's blog to your phone.
3. While easily reading incredible and unique articles on the App, you have the option to visit the blog or not.
4. The App stays…

Should the use of internet, watching TV, or listening to radio be controlled for children?

Do you know some religious groups prohibit the use of internet, DVDs & televisions, and radios? Have you heard of Deeper life Christian ministries? They tag TVs as a devilish machine. Some Muslim scholars and clerics warn their followers against using these items. They label these things as Haram (wrongdoings), why?
The use of the internet, watching of Television, playing DVDs and listening to the radio cannot be overemphasised. We learn a lot of things from these technological inventions. Benefits like secure communication of information, the passage of educational materials and many others, but can we pinpoint the naughty and evil things that are also picked up? Yes, we can.
So our children and younger ones are vulnerable to this dangerous exposure. Computer devices, the internet, satellite dishes with numerous unrated TV channels, specific radio programs, cheap home videos and so on are available everywhere. Kids learn fast, and being in a computer era, they are expected to le…

16 Reasons Why People Give Up!

Why do we give up? Many of us must have been in a situation where we just gave up on making our target. This may be as a result of improper planning or lack of foresight, will or conviction. Sometimes, all we need is a little push, endurance, and perseverance to reach our goal.

What do you know about Phlegm (Catarrh) with black like spring trapped in it?

What do you know about Phlegm (Catarrh) with black like spring trapped in it?

What the color of your urine tells you about your health!

Do you know what the color of your urine says about your health? Urine can change in color in few minutes and this can be determined by what you ate recently, the medications you are taking, if you are dehydrated, infections and even some certain cancers. Urine offers telltale signs of what's going on inside the body. So before your flush that pee out, learn more about the colors of urine and what they tell us.

Why every sexually active person must take a test!

Even though you feel fine and believe nothing is wrong with you, like you don't have STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) or UTI's (Urinary Tract Infections), once you are sexually active you should take a Urine MCS and Swab test.

Tomato paste (Tin tomato) and Coca-Cola (Or Malt), The Fastest Working Blood Tonic

Do You Know That Tomato paste (Tin tomato) and Coca-Cola (or Malt) is the Fastest Working Blood Tonic?The mixture of tomato paste and Coca-Cola (or sometimes, tomato paste and malt) is an emergency blood tonic given to people who have just donated blood, lost a high amount of blood and people that experience dizziness.

Although no one has studied its mechanism, side effects, sensitivity and dosage; it is still widely used by both old and young in Kwara state, Nigeria.

A good number of students in (Kwara State Polytechnic, Nigeria) who sell their blood in blood banks to fend for themselves sell blood at least once in a week, and when they were asked how they manage to replenish their blood within a short period, they said "it was the mixture of one bottle of coke (or malt) and one tin tomato paste (the smallest size)."

See also: Danger! if you don't defecate once a week. Must Read!

You can take it in small measure depending on how serious the blood loss is. There is no prope…

4 Effects of Nail Biting! Stop the bad habit today!

Hello, do you bite your nail unconsciously? Do you go out and feel embarrassed at the look of your ugly sore nails? Or are you always sad at the injury or the blood you see after biting? Nail biting, which is also called onychophagia, is that the act of putting ones fingers in the mouth and biting/chewing on nails with the teeth.

How To Quickly Get Rid Of Bad Breath Or Mouth Odor

Oh oh oh, do you open your mouth to talk and people close their nose? Many of us have bad breath. Some of us for short period, and others it is persistent. Facts says that up to 50% of people have offensive mouth odor at all times. The medical term given to smelly mouth is halitosis, and you can develop it even if you brush and floss always - in fact, bad breath is often not caused by the teeth - but by gums and tongue mostly.
Mouth odor is one thing you might fail to notice yourself, and no one would tell you (because it is not easy to do so. Imagine telling your Boss, "Madam Oyin, your mouth is smelly.") Many people will stay away from you, and you may run out of friends easily. It is very essential that you take care of yourself before you step out, and yes, look out for your loved ones and the people around you too. 
What are the causes of bad breath?
Bad breath can emanate from several causes. When we wake up in the morning, many of us mouths do not smell fresh and this is…

How to prevent Offensive Mouth Odor especially during Fasting Period

Sorry to say this, some people can kill others or make them even want to throw up with their mouth odor. Is it that this people don't have nose to perceive their own breath or they are just heartless?
It is normal for the mouth to smell during fasting but it is abnormal for the mouth to stink, they are two different things.

What To Do If You Do Not defecate At Least Once in 3 Days

Question: Is it dangerous if I poop/defecate/pass out faeces at most once in a week or once in two weeks?
Answer: Yes it is.
Passing out faeces or excrement once in a while instead of almost everyday is dangerous. People who pass out faeces once in a while do not have the urge to defecate so they think it is okay. It is a warning sign given to the body by organs associated with defecation (Liver, Large and small intestine, Rectum, Anus, Sphincter and others). It is not something to ignore especially as we continue to grow.
When the organs responsible for defecation are weak, they do their job once in a while instead of every time. When faeces are present in the rectum, the nervous system receptors present in the rectal walls are supposed to send messages to the brain that waste needs to be passed out of the body, when these receptors are weak the message is not sent to the brain even when faeces are present in the rectum. The faeces go back to the colon and more water is absorbed from …