16 Reasons Why People Give Up!

16 reasons why people give up
Why do we give up? Many of us must have been in a situation where we just gave up on making our target. This may be as a result of improper planning or lack of foresight, will or conviction. Sometimes, all we need is a little push, endurance, and perseverance to reach our goal.

Here are 16 reasons why people give up;
1. We expect fast results: Many of us jump into making critical decisions, expecting a quick result, then we start to encounter challenges. Because we had failed to think thoroughly out our decisions, we end up giving up.

2. We stop believing in ourselves: Confidence is key. If we don't believe in ourselves, who will? Have you ever thought you could achieve something and during the action, you bottle it? Believe in yourself. Lebron James went back to his hometown team, Cavaliers in Ohio and pushed them all the way to the NBA finals and won. That is belief!

3. We get stuck in the past: If we don't let go of the past, moving on to better things in the future will be difficult. The past belongs to the past. Whatever happened has happened, and we do not have the power to change it, so we just have to move on.

4. We dwell on our mistakes: There's this saying that nobody is perfect. If you read stories of the most successful people all over the world, you'd discover the many times they tried and failed. They didn't stop; they kept trying until they made it. Everybody make mistakes, what matters is learning from our mistakes, not dwelling on it.

5. We fear the future: Many of us are afraid of the unknown. We fear the future so much we give up on making decisions that could be instrumental to our future. Whatever the situation might be today, if we are still alive, then there is hope. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. Positivity and optimism are key here. Look up to the future. Leicester City made history in the English Premiership because they kept going without fear of the future.

6. We resist change: Some of us get used to doing things the same way for many years that when the time for changes come, we outrightly oppose because we do not want to change how things are done. Take, for example, the use of post offices to send letters. Imagine if we resisted the use of new technology in emails, can you imagine how stressful and time wasting sending letters through the post offices would be now?

7. We give up our power: Everyone of us have the ability to make changes to whatever situation we find ourselves. Just imagine if other political parties like ACN, CPC and co had given up on battling the then ruling party PDP, would there have been a merger which led to APC and ultimately the downfall of PDP? Don't renounce your power!

8. We believe in our weaknesses: Back in school, one of us could have dreamt of becoming an Engineer. But, just because the person initially finds calculations hard, believed in that weakness and then gave up that idea. We can improve on our weaknesses. Remember when five times world footballer of the year, Messi used to incur niggling injuries early in his career just because of overly imposing himself in challenges on the football pitch. Imagine how he has turned that weakness into strength, by carefully knowing when to jump on the ball and attack.

9. We feel the world owes us something: If you live with this type of mindset, please you need to give it up. Only you owe yourself the zeal to stand up for yourself and not give up. 

10. We fear failure more than desire success: As stated in #4, We need to desire success more than we fear failure. It is natural not to want to fail and tend to give up before we even start, but if we don't try, how can we improve on our failure till we reach success? The downfall of a man is not the end of his life. We fall and should rise again.

11. We never visualize what is possible: We have to be realistic in our visualizations. What's the point of dreaming of impossible things?

12. We feel we have something to lose: We have nothing to lose when we attempt an action or whatever.

13. We overwork: All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Overworking doesn't translate to productivity. And once we work too long (on a project or something else), and we see no result, we tend to give up. Learn to give yourself a break, relax and think things over. Refreshments could lead to renewed energy and bright new ideas.

14. We assume our problems are unique: The truth is that we are never the first person to go through whatever we are going through now. Whenever you find yourself in a situation that makes you want to stop and give up, do remember that somebody somewhere had been through this and survived. There is no unique problem.

15. We see failure as a signal to turn back: Failure shouldn't be a signal to turn back, it should be a motivation to spur us towards success. If you don't fight it, you can't beat it.

16. We feel sorry for ourselves: Are you one of those that feel sorry for themselves? Why the self-pity? There is nothing bad in looking inwards, but it should be a motivation to keep striving for success and not feeling sorry.

All these are reasons why people give up. If you find yourself in any of these categories, kindly say to yourself, "I am not giving up on myself (or on this project)" Life is a journey, we have to keep moving. No giving up.