7 Things that leave you Broke in Lagos. Stop them Today!

7 things that leave you broke in Lagos
Like we all say, "Igboro o rerin," meaning the "economy is not smiling," we all are living a troubled life at the moment. Nobody needs to tell you that inflation has ravaged our country, prices of everyday commodities have tripled, and residing in a major city like Lagos can suck the life out of you.

Will you not return to the village? Oh, it would look like a disgrace if you move back to your community right? Well dear, the community might help you save more as the cost of living down there is relatively small, compared to Lasgidi. Just ask Miss Oyin, she enjoys the community so much that when you say, "come and stay in Lagos now," she'd reply, "Haa you want transportation to finish all my money, coupled with stress again, noo..."

The price of fuel further compounds the issues on the ground. Petrol, Diesel & Kerosene is no child's play. Your finances are undoubtedly suffering from a major recession just like the country's economy. Do you know how much tomatoes goes for now? Tomato Ebola ti take over!

But can you stop spending on these items? It is surely impossible to live off fuel and tomatoes. So, how do you cut down your expenses in other areas so as to reflect the current economy situation? There are so many unnecessary things you engage in that leave you broke. Isn't Lagos even enjoyable when you have money to throw around? Now save money for rainy days, instead of throwing money around, remember you are not Davido AKA Omo Baba Olowo!

Below are some of the things that may make you go broke in Lagos:

1. Partying and clubbing
Oh yes, where are my turn up boys? Many of you enjoy the night outs with the boys on Fridays, forming Baba-for-the-girls around town, popping bottles, you need to slow down a bit. Brother, when you go broke, those boys you are always hosting will disappear. Why spend more than you earn just to impress some girls who are even poorer than your church rats?

Oh ye ladies, every owanbes, you must turn up. Some aso-ebi goes for 50,000 naira. Han Han, the FG self can only pay 23,000 to Full graduates monthly. If you must attend, it is not a must to buy aso-ebi every time; you can wear one of the clothes you already have. Nobody will kill you. All you will get after aso-ebi are buckets, detergents, and hand fans. Think it well oh!

2. Football betting 
Oya, Octopus Paul The greatest predictor! Gambling will inevitably run you down before you know it. This is not to ruin bet companies business, but betting is addictive. You keep playing, hoping you'd win one day, but in a real sense- you only investing in a non-profit business.

No one wants to ruin anybody’s business, but it is high time you stopped doing some things. Habits like betting would run you down before you know it; the terrible thing about it is that it is addictive. You keep hoping you would win one day and continue to invest in it. You have to let go of unproductive investments like this.

3. Cab Cab Cabbing 
Oya classy chick, you can't be seen around town jumping upandan in BRT buses. Many of you even have cab drivers phone numbers saved so that you could hit them up any day anytime anywhere but remember cabs don't run on water.

They run on petrol that sells for N145 per litre now. Reduce the way you hop in cabs and save money. BRT buses don't bite, in fact, they are fully air conditioned.

4. Bank ATM charges
We all know Nigerian banks are now swindlers with their numerous charges. Many of you have cultivated the habit of walking around with ATM cards (all in the name of cashless policy), making payments via POS terminals, withdrawing at every available ATM whenever you need asap cash.

The little charges that you incur at the end of the month, as insignificant as they are would buy you phone airtime. The charges would make a difference if it were to be paid as interests into your bank accounts.
Lagosians queuing at an ATM, broke

5. Designers and Expensive Things
We see musical videos, Facebook and Instagram posts, wishing we could be some people. We want to be fresh and cocky like Uti Nwachukwu and D.Banj. Hello, look here, cut your clothes according to your size. You're not into show business, so why the designer craze? You don't model, so ain't nobody paying you to brandish their costly designs. You are not Tiwa Savage or Yemi Alade.

There are other products with brands, though not popular are affordable. There are also replicas (semi-originals Lol), nobody will know!

6. Misplaced priorities
At this age, you just don't walk into a supermarket or store and buy everything you think you can afford. Have you forgotten the scale of preference from secondary schools economics? There's a difference between needs and wants. The time for buying things just for keeps have ended. If you don't want to remain broke for the rest of your life, you have to inculcate the use of a table of opportunity cost.

Stop paying bills for services that are underutilized. You registered in a gym so you can show off as a fitness-savvy person among friends, but barely attend, who are you deceiving? You are cheating yourself.

7. Be frugal
Are you Dangote? Even Dangote don't go around splashing cash everywhere because he is the African richest man. Stop dashing people money anyhow. Yes, it is good to give alms, but even God spelled it out in Holy Books the time to pay tithes. You would go broke if you weren't frugal. Givers never lack, well givers can go broke in this economy. Didn't you hear Brymo tell a fan who begged for school fees to drop out of school? Everyone is feeling the brunts of this downturn economy.

save money in lagos so you dont go broke
Stop giving people the impression that you have money, except you are Billionaire Indimi. How many of you have businesses in your name? If you have, have you paid your employees entirely? How much profits do you generate?

So these are some of the ways to reduce expenses. You can think of others ways yourself and run away from them. Remember why need to hold money!


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