Android Users- You Can Now Download Ink and Pens Blog App

Hello, Rapporians holla!
Ink & Pen's blog - Rapport Naija Android App Download
Where are my Android users? Do you know you can now download a free mobile App for Ink & Pen's Blog? This is an android based App called Ink & Pen's Blog!!

Do you get tired punching in the site's address into your Browser? Do you sometimes wait endlessly waiting for the links to appear on Facebook or Twitter before you visit the blog? This mobile application is built to tackle all these little issues.

You can download this mobile application and install on your android phone easily. The size of the App is only 9 megabytes. Benefits of having the App on your phone below;

1. You don't have to use your data consuming browsers to read interesting posts on Ink & Pen's blog again.

2. At the launch of the App, it automatically synchronize the 25 most recent blog posts on Ink & Pen's blog to your phone.

3. While easily reading incredible and unique articles on the App, you have the option to visit the blog or not.

4. The App stays connected to the internet even if not open in the background, and you will receive a notification when there's a new article on the blog.

5. You get to have the articles stored on the App and you can return to it whenever you like without having to load up with the internet again.

6. There is a straight link to the blog site if you decide to drop a comment.

7. The App does not require a login.

Aren't you excited? This is a great milestone and I am so happy to share it with you. Though this is the first version, Ink & Pen's Blog 1.0, please feel free to drop a feedback if you feel there's a need for one or two improvements. We are not perfect and would welcome your positive criticisms.

We at Ink & Pen's Blog  strive day and night to see that you get Newspapers Headlines updates, Health & Fitness articles, Poetry and Short stories, Motivational and Love relationship tips, and a whole lot of opinionated materials just to keep you entertained. Now, we have move a step further in bringing all these goodies to your bedside.

If you are a writer and you need a platform to be heard, don't forget to contact us. We are open to talented and capable writers like you!!

We are trying our best to have the App uploaded on Google Play store but you should DOWNLOAD THE INK & PEN's BLOG's APP HERE!!!

May God Bless you as you do so. Rapport Naija!!!