What To Do If You Do Not defecate At Least Once in 3 Days

Large intestine, What To Do If You Do Not defecate At Least Once in 3 Days
credit: tyler-wahlbrink
Question: Is it dangerous if I poop/defecate/pass out faeces at most once in a week or once in two weeks?

Answer: Yes it is.

Passing out faeces or excrement once in a while instead of almost everyday is dangerous. People who pass out faeces once in a while do not have the urge to defecate so they think it is okay. It is a warning sign given to the body by organs associated with defecation (Liver, Large and small intestine, Rectum, Anus, Sphincter and others). It is not something to ignore especially as we continue to grow.

When the organs responsible for defecation are weak, they do their job once in a while instead of every time. When faeces are present in the rectum, the nervous system receptors present in the rectal walls are supposed to send messages to the brain that waste needs to be passed out of the body, when these receptors are weak the message is not sent to the brain even when faeces are present in the rectum. The faeces go back to the colon and more water is absorbed from the faeces making it harder the next time the urge to poop comes.

What To Do If You Do Not defecate At Least Once in 3 Days

This alone should let you know that the rectum is insensitive and will need a lot of pressure to perform its function which is not supposed to be so. The organs responsible for defecation becomes weaker with age and makes it difficult for older people to defecate even when they feel like. At this point, more damage is done to the organs which easily gives the room for diseases associated with bowel movement.

In other to avoid complications of bowel movement in the future, increase your bowel movement by eating soft, ripe paw paw every evening before you sleep. If there are other fruits or vegetable that increases your bowel movement, then start eating them. It helps to flush the system and also make them active over time.

Don't think of defecating once in every two weeks as a blessing (some people boast of not going to toilet for weeks). It is dangerous and should be taken care of.

I hope this helps, stay healthy!