Should the use of internet, watching TV, or listening to radio be controlled for children?

children watching porn on the internet, Should the use of internet, watching TV, or listening to radio be controlled for children?

Do you know some religious groups prohibit the use of internet, DVDs & televisions, and radios? Have you heard of Deeper life Christian ministries? They tag TVs as a devilish machine. Some Muslim scholars and clerics warn their followers against using these items. They label these things as Haram (wrongdoings), why?

The use of the internet, watching of Television, playing DVDs and listening to the radio cannot be overemphasised. We learn a lot of things from these technological inventions. Benefits like secure communication of information, the passage of educational materials and many others, but can we pinpoint the naughty and evil things that are also picked up? Yes, we can.

So our children and younger ones are vulnerable to this dangerous exposure. Computer devices, the internet, satellite dishes with numerous unrated TV channels, specific radio programs, cheap home videos and so on are available everywhere. Kids learn fast, and being in a computer era, they are expected to learn the use of all these devices for educational purposes. But when children are left unmonitored with all these devices, they tend to do and overdo some things. Some of the bad things kids could pick up with the use of these devices are;

1. Pornography: This is one aspect that can have adverse effects on adults, not to talk of kids. The most favourite home videos and TV channels all have shades of nudity in them. All these can lead to masturbation and excessive fantasising of sex that is common with rapists.

2. Action movies: When kids watch movies with too much of violent contents, they can also become violent. Children can grow up to like the use of weapons, and in our society filled with cultists looking for new recruits, you know how that could end.

3. Scam: Marginalised internet fraud is no doubt one of the most troubling criminal activities plaguing our nation. When you don't monitor or control what your kids do on the web, they can be lured into scamming. Many teenage fraudsters are known to have made millions.

4. Extremism: The fastest way in which extremists are expanding their propaganda is via the internet. Your kids can join secret online forums that feed them with all sorts of information.

5. Nudity: The music videos and Instagram pictures can influence children. Video vixens dancing in bikinis and half-naked Instagram pics are beautiful to the eyes, and the kids would want to emulate that style.
There are many more naughty things that can be picked up with these devices if not properly controlled. There's a story of a 19 years old boy living with his cousins. This young boy spends a lot of money on American movie series DVDs and other home videos. And because he was left unchecked over the years, he'd grown accustomed to this act. No one in that household knew he'd been molesting his 11 years old cousin. When he was caught one-midnight jacking off on his cousin, it left the father in shock and utter disbelief.

After further investigations, more than 8 gigabytes of professional and homemade porn were discovered on his phone. All the years of watching American movies, listening to music with explicit content on the radio had manifested in him. Only God knows how the little kid, having been penetrated at such an early age would be rid of trauma. -More on Child Molestation in another post- Many children engage in a lot of criminal activities because of all the things they'd seen on TV.

Control your kids. There many computer devices that come a setting that can place a rating on website been visited. If your child is 12 years old, and you set to 13 years, any site with the rating higher than 13 would not open. On TVs as well, many programs are rated 12, 17, 18, General, and others PG (parental guidance). You can determine what your kids become by controlling what they see. Check their computer devices often, they are your children and you should be their best friend, so it is not an invasion of privacy. Filter out harmful contents.