Tomato paste (Tin tomato) and Coca-Cola (Or Malt), The Fastest Working Blood Tonic

Tomato paste (Tin tomato) and Coca-Cola or malt, the Fastest Working Blood Tonic!

Do You Know That Tomato paste (Tin tomato) and Coca-Cola (or Malt) is the Fastest Working Blood Tonic?

The mixture of tomato paste and Coca-Cola (or sometimes, tomato paste and malt) is an emergency blood tonic given to people who have just donated blood, lost a high amount of blood and people that experience dizziness.

Although no one has studied its mechanism, side effects, sensitivity and dosage; it is still widely used by both old and young in Kwara state, Nigeria.

A good number of students in (Kwara State Polytechnic, Nigeria) who sell their blood in blood banks to fend for themselves sell blood at least once in a week, and when they were asked how they manage to replenish their blood within a short period, they said "it was the mixture of one bottle of coke (or malt) and one tin tomato paste (the smallest size)."

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You can take it in small measure depending on how serious the blood loss is. There is no proper dosage yet so one should use discretion in mixing smaller quantities. You may not be able to finish it at once so once prepared, store in a refrigerator till consumed.

No side effect has been reported (since the use of tomato paste and coke) and no long-term effect has been reported either. The concussion should not be abused. In fact, it should be used once in a while (only for emergency purposes).

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Sensitivity has not been studied yet, but so far anyone that uses it is always better than they were before its use. Care should be taken when using it and if any strange feeling is noticed, consult your doctor.

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Disclaimer: This post should not be considered as an expert advice. Consult your nutritionist before embarking on the usage of Tin Tomato paste plus milk or malt or coca cola for blood tonic. 


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