Why every sexually active person must take a test!

A sexually active man getting test result from a doctor
Even though you feel fine and believe nothing is wrong with you, like you don't have STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) or UTI's (Urinary Tract Infections), once you are sexually active you should take a Urine MCS and Swab test.

It is possible to be infected with STD or UTI without feeling the symptoms immediately, that means you are a "carrier" of the causative agent, but you are not showing clinical signs just yet. The bacteria, fungi or virus that may be present in the body will continue to grow and spread through delicate organs in the body which causes complications in the future.

You may be at risk of losing your loved ones if they contact infections from you and they show clinical signs, it may lead to lack of trust in a relationship.

You may ruin someone's life. This is because if you are a "carrier" and you infect someone with the disease you are carrying, the person may not show clinical signs too which makes both of you "carriers". The organisms will continue destroying the vital organs of both of you. Also the person may have complicated infertility problems in the future.

How would you feel if you are responsible for harming someone that way?These and many more reasons are why you should take tests regularly to know if you are free from organisms.

Know that even if you use protection all the time, a careless moment might have occurred. It won't hurt to know your status. It is more dangerous to be a carrier than to show signs because if you show signs you know you have a problem.

I hope this helps, stay healthy.