5 Tips for Building Self-Confidence!

5 Tips to Build Self-Confidence!
Do you have belief in yourself? Self-confidence is the belief or trust you have in yourself, the idea that you can make it. Sometimes you ask yourself the question, "can I take the step?" This type of self-doubt shows you lack the confidence in yourself.

Tips to building self-confidence:

1. Identify your insecurities:
Insecurity is the lack of trust in oneself or one's relationship with people. Look intently at yourself, fish out where you lost the confidence. Is it because of the enormous task ahead or the risk of
taking it? If it's the task, just tell yourself "I can overcome the arduous task." Do not be weighed down with what you know you can do; it will only require a lot of effort and dedication.

2. Trust and believe in yourself:
Trust is when you have belief in someone or when you have confidence in people. You choose to trust people; no one forces you to believe someone else, but you choose whether you should put your trust him or not. So, if you can decide to trust people, why can't you trust yourself? Believe in your ability and capability. There is something you are good at, something you can do very well. Do not look down on yourself and stop asking if the bold step can be taken; it only takes a slight moment for you to trust and believe in yourself. When you think you can take the bold step, then you are building self-confidence.

3. Look in the mirror and smile:
The only object that has a clear view of you; your size, shape, height is your mirror. I'm sure you have mirrors in your house, so stand in front of it, look at your beautiful and handsome self, look deep inside, the goal, the gift hidden in you, imagine yourself on higher grounds and smile at the image in the mirror. See the beautiful and elegant smile, fresh chin, smile again and appreciate the work of nature in you. If life can give you the beautiful, you, then the beautiful and precious gift is also inside you so bring it out and work towards it.

4. Move with high-spirited friends:
A famous saying goes "show me your friend and I will tell you who you
are." Yes, the kind of friends you move with determines who you are or become. If you run around with corrupt friends, you will also be corrupted even if you are the right egg among the bad ones. So, move around with brave individuals. Those with great the ambition that is always ready, always confident to face and take the bold step to success.

5. Avoid perfectionism:
Another word of wisdom says; "Perfection is not attainable, but if you chase perfection, you will find excellence." No one is perfect; everybody has his/her flaws, but you can be better. Everybody makes mistakes, but it is stupid to make the same mistake again and again after being corrected. So, in taking the bold step, have it as your watchword that 'No one is perfect' Also, in all dealings in life, we make mistakes, and while trying to curb all those mistakes, you attain excellence. If people mock you because of a mistake you made, just smile and say "I don't care" but don't forget to improve and correct the mistakes.

All of these are tips to build self-confidence. Believe in yourself and show the world what you are capable of. I hope this helps.

Author: Sulaiman Rasheedat Oluwakemi


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