16 Attributes of Successful and Unsuccessful People

qualities of successful people
Do you want to be successful? Are you looking to inculcate the attributes of successful people? Do you want to know how unsuccessful people act? Look below;

Successful People;
1. Have gratitude
2. Continuously learn
3. Embrace change
4. Wants others to succeed
5. Compliment others
6. Forgive others
7. Share info and data
8. Exude joy
9. Read everyday
10. Talk about ideas
11. Keep a journal
12. Accept responsibilities for their failures
13. Operate from a transformational perspective 14. Set goals and develop life plans
15. Keep a to-do list
16. Give other people credit for their victories.

Unsuccessful People;
1. Secretly hopes others fail
2. Blame others for their failures
3. Say they keep a journal but don't
4. Watch TV every day
5. Hold a grudge
6. Take all the credit for their victories
7. Don't know what they want to be
8. Operate from a transactional perspective
9. Fear change
10. Exude anger
11. Never set goals
12. Hoard info and data
13. Talk about people
14. Never set goals
15. Criticize
16. Stop learning.

All these are attributes of successful and unsuccessful people. It is left for you to choose. Which will you choose? Success ba? -winks-


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