14 Ways To Avoid Child Molestation

how to avoid child molestation, 14 Ways To Avoid Child Molestation

Did you observe lately that the number of child molestation cases making the news has become rampant? Isn't it demonic that adults will penetrate underage girls? girls not even in their puberty stage. I used to believe this isn't real until it happened to someone close to me.

It was my friend's 11 years old sister. One of their cousins (in his early 20s) lives with them. Shockingly, their stepmother woke up in the midnight to the sight of the cousin ejaculating on the little girl sleeping. Their father almost shook to death upon hearing the devastating news. Only God knows how long it had been going on, but the girl's mum had recently complained of her loose vagina. The dad brushed it off and even flogged the girl that she was mischievous.

It happened and it was unbelievable. Further discovery made showed how the cousin had been seeing a lot of porn. He had more than 8 gigabyte of porn on his phone. Uncontrollable sexual arousal could be the cause for his action. This led to my previous post, "Should Children be allowed to watch movies and use the internet freely without close monitoring?"

Child molestation by adults is on the rise and we can't seem to pinpoint any cause for it. Some of the situations that lead to this scenarios can be avoided if the children are equipped with adequate orientation from their early growth stage. So that no one can be capitalise on their ignorance.


1. Never allow your girl child sit on anyone's legs, no matter the close relationship.

2. Do not dress/undress in the presence of your children. Once they are older than 2 years, let them understand the core value of privacy.

3. Do not allow any adult refer to your child as 'my wife or husband', disapprove immediately.

4. Watch out for your children in the playground. Never let your eyes leave them for a long time when they are playing with their peers, because little children sexually abuse themselves too (sometimes playfully acting mummy and daddy).

5. Do not force your child to visit any adult if he/she does not want to. Be wary of the adults your child become too fond with as well.

6. Be inquisitive when your child suddenly become withdrawn or unhappy when they return home after school, play, or visits.

7. Orientate your grown ups about sex accordingly. If you fail to teach them, they will learn it from their peers or the society, and that could change then negatively.

8. Check for ratings in toys and movies you buy for them. Many of these things can be laced with explicit sexual contents.

9. Enable parental controls on their phones and your internet cable networks, also advice the friends your child/ren visit/s often to do same.

10. Teach your child to wash his/her privates properly and warn them not to allow anyone (including you) to touch those areas.

11. Keep materials/associates that could pose a threat to the sanity of your child away, e.g; unrated music, uncensored movies, bad friends and families.

12. Teach your children the value of standing out from the crowd. Let them know standing out is not a crime. They don't have to blend in all the time.

13. Believe and trust your children when the complaint about a particular person. Never brush it off. Pursue the case and show them ultimate support.

14. Lastly, preach the words of God to your children. Raise and develop them into virtuous men and women. Let them live a virtue life. Nothing will give your more joy than seeing your children living a satisfactory life in the way of God.

Remember, you can't be too careful. May God give us the strength to manage our children properly and take them of the reach of child molesters.