WARNING: Pharmacists are not doctors, Do Not let them kill you!

Pharmacists are not doctors, do not let them kill you
A doctor is a person who is QUALIFIED to treat people who are sick while a Pharmacist is a person who is professionally qualified to PREPARE and dispense medicinal drugs ACCORDING TO DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION.

Although these two are qualified and related, only the doctor knows the patient well enough to prescribe drugs.

A good doctor asks questions and run tests before administering drugs to patients, therefore he/she knows which type of drug to give as deduced from the answers given, this is why even as a patient you must know and study your body for drug sensitivity and always remember to tell a doctor about the sensitivities.

A good pharmacist dispenses drugs based on doctors prescription. Telling a pharmacist to give you drugs for treatment is more like self-medication because multiple illnesses can have the same signs and symptoms even when they have different causative agents.

Several lives have been lost and most lives put at risk when pharmacists make mistakes in administering drugs, people with heartburns, ulcers, sickle cell disorders and allergies are mostly victims.

Never allow pharmacists to give you drugs and injections just because you complained to them, they might be making your situation worse which may eventually lead to death.


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