True Life Story: The Spirit Claimed its Price!

True Life Story: The Spirit Claimed its Price!

Ola's Point of view.
After Maga paid the sum of 500 million naira into his account, he quickly went to the herbalist that fortified him for the operation, he was a "yahoo boy." Even though the herbalist told him the price to pay was that his life would be cut short, Ola did not mind and was ready to finish the money before he died. He gave the herbalist his share of the money (just a token to show gratitude) and left.

Bose's Point of view.
She couldn't afford to miss the fun. Ola invited her to Abuja for the first batch of enjoyment before they head to the United state of America for the second batch. She knew her fiance won't let her but she had to go. She lied to him that she was sick and would be going home for special treatment. The fiance agreed immediately as he did not like his bride falling sick just few months before their wedding. He quickly got painkillers for her and told her to rest well before the journey home the following day. As soon as he left, Bose changed into her party dress, called Ola that she was ready and Ola and three of his friends came to pick Bose with the new 2016 range rover sports car he just bought.

Bose, Ola, and his three friends were in high spirits in the car, they laughed and danced to the heavy sound of music that played through the car radio. Ola was excited as he drove a big car for the first time in his life. Suddenly, he saw a huge figure in his front, the figure covered the whole of the road and he was forced to step on the brake. The car hit an invincible force and it somersaulted several times before it landed leaving all passengers dead and bones broken in pieces. Although no one saw the cause of the accident, it was believed that the evil spirit from the rituals came to claim its price.


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