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How To Care For The Penis

In the past, we have mainly written about the care of the vagina and the men have been asking for care of the penis. Wait no more, here are tips to keep your penis clean and healthy.

As a man, keeping your penis clean and healthy is very essential. Your sexual organs are invaluable and should be cared for.
How To Care For The Penis;

1. Endeavor to wash your penis with warm water at least twice a day. Wipe clean the scrotum and under the penis shaft gently and scrub your scrotal sack too.

2. Allowing too much hair to grow around the penis like a forest is not so cool. During love-making, the hair can puncture the condom or cause cuts on the vaginal organs of your partner. Make sure to shave regularly. Hair around the base of the penis can serve as a house for boils and cause bad odour. Keep the hair short and clean always.
3. There's no pampering with the penis. Once you observe unusual activities like; infection, boil, rashes or any other skin problems, please seek help immediately.

13 Rules For Longevity: How To Live Longer On Earth

Do you know that good health cements longevity in life?
Do you want to live long in life?
Do you know the secret of long life?
It is true that every man must die sometime, yet very few live out the natural term of life. An old adage said, "man does not die; he kills himself." So, how does man kills himself?
We have all heard about men who lived to great age; some of them lived to be over a hundred years old. But in the case of these centenarians, many of them were found to have began to care for their health early in life.
When we are young, and we are warned against doing some things that injure the health, we scoff and say, "I am young and strong," all because we believe to be young is to have good health and be strong physically.
Whatever you sow, you shall reap. The young person who forms bad habits of living is sowing the seeds of disease in his body, it is certainly sure that sooner or later he reap ill health.
Here are the 13 Rules Of Longevity;
1. Make s…

All You Need To Know About Zika Virus!

Have you heard of Zika virus? What do you know about it? This is all you need to know about Zika virus.
Zika is a disease that is caused by a mosquito- borne virus. It was first discovered in Uganda in 1947. It spreads with the bite of the Aedes mosquito, which are known to bite during the day. This mosquito is also responsible for the transmission of dengue, chikungunya and hay fever. Thus, this disease spreads when a mosquito that has bitten an infected person, bites other people. Apart from mosquitoes, Zika could also be spread through sexual transmission, even when the symptoms of the disease were not present.

20 Super Health Benefits Of Eating Bitter Kola (Garcinia Kola)

Bitter Kola botanically known as Garcinia kola belongs to the plant family Guttifereae. In Nigeria it is called oje in Bokyi, edun or efiari in Efik, efrie in Ejagham-Ekin, cida goro in Hausa, efiat in Ibibio, emiale in Icheve, igoligo in Idoma, aku-ilu or ugolo in Ibo, akaan in Ijo-Izon, okain in Isekiri, and orogbo in Yoruba. Bitter kola is generally used as a social snack and given to guests in some cultural settings, and it is one of such fruits that can be eaten raw and the human body will still benefit from its high nutritional content.
Bitter kola is widely taken raw and not prepared as food because of its medicinal attributes. Due to its medicinal attributes, Bitter Kola (G. kola) seeds are used in folk medicine. This seed is also known to have no serious or harmful side effects, other than its neutralising effects of other medicinal drugs if taken together. It is eaten by removing the outer brown coated skin, and as the name implies, it is very bitter to eat.

There are many hea…

Surprising Ways You Can Damage Your Liver

The human liver is a vital organ which performs a wide range of functions including ( detoxification of various metabolites, protein synthesis, the production of biochemical compounds necessary for digestion and drug metabolism, regulation of glycogen storage, decomposition of red blood cells, plasma protein synthesis, hormone production, and detoxification.)

The 6 Rules Of Good Health!!!

Taking good care of your body translates to good health. The body has various systems which are made up of different organs all working together for the benefit of the body. In addition to the various organs, there are the bones, and the muscles, which enable movement of all parts of the body.

How To Deal With People With Low Emotional Quotient (EQ)

EQ (Emotional quotient) is the capability of an individual to recognize, differentiate and show feelings and also to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior.

Having low EQ is when the ability to process emotions and feeling is low. It is a problem that mostly affect guys, especially guys with average - high IQ (Intelligent Quotient).