Flash Fiction: Badoo The Rapist

Flash Fiction: Badoo The Rapist, Rape
He has been tailing this brown haired short and plump lady for the last 30 minutes. She was wearing a blue short gown tightly fitted to her body. Her face wasn't all that cute but she had a wonderful round and sexy shape like those of Nollywood actresses. Her chest was wide with the two twins on it appearing to be fighting for freedom. Her butt was wiggling in tandem with her legs movement. Watching her was like seeing a Fashion show in Paris on TV to Ben AKA Badoo.

He continued to follow. The street was empty as if the whole residents had just deserted after an Ijaw militants invasion. Ben was wearing just a singlet and a short. He had forgotten his shirt at that joint he smoked Indian helm, swallowed tramadol pills and drank local gin. His head was banging like a disco night club and his eyes were becoming more sharp and fierce. The dongle in his briefs was rock hard and struggling for freedom. "I have to fuck this girl" He told himself. I saw her follow that corner that was always empty.

There is an uncompleted new house building on that road. Ben accelerated towards the lady at a pace of a an horny he-bull courting a she-bull in her heat period. He charged forward and calculated the distance between the lady and the nearest exit. He called for her to wait. She looked back in shock as if she didn't know someone was walking behind her.

"Yes, what can I do for you bros" she muttered. Ben moved closer to her and didn't even know what to say. 

"Baby, I like you. I want us to date."

"Is that why you called me?"

"Yes, e no reach?"

"I beg, my Aunty sent me on an errand. I don't have time for this rubbish."

She attempted to turn and move but Ben held her from behind, used one of his arm to cover her mouth, and in another second, swiftly carried her with the other arm. He charged into the building. She struggled to get free, screaming, kicking, biting, spitting but Ben didn't let go. He dragged her into a room and smashed her to the ground in a WWE smack-down move. She cried immediately, and before she could move, Ben had already pushed down his short and brief, jumped on her, and wrestling off her panties. Before He could penetrate her, an heavy blow hit him on the head. 

When Ben opened his eyes, a lot of residents who knew his as a troublesome fellow had already gathered. He was tied to a tree and car tires was packed against his naked body. Blood had dried on his nose and lips. "They're going to burn me alive" he thought.

"Stupid rapist. Baddo God don catch you today," One of the mobs shouted.

"The mother of this criminal just wasted her 9 months of pregnancy." 

"Bring Petrol!"

"When we finish lynching you today, you will serve as a lesson to others."

He knew this is the end of the road for bad ways. Then he remembered his sick old grandmother. He was supposed to get her drugs yesterday but had wanted to get high at the joint first. He tried to pray. When he looked up, He saw some policemen making their way through the crowd to him. 

"Don't pour that petrol. Stop! One the policemen barked." He was moved into a waiting patrol car. The mobs got really angry and hurled stones at the car. One stone struck him at the back of him head and he fainted again.


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