13 Rules For Longevity: How To Live Longer On Earth

13 Rules For Longevity: How To Live Longer On Earth

Do you know that good health cements longevity in life?

Do you want to live long in life?

Do you know the secret of long life?

It is true that every man must die sometime, yet very few live out the natural term of life. An old adage said, "man does not die; he kills himself." So, how does man kills himself?

We have all heard about men who lived to great age; some of them lived to be over a hundred years old. But in the case of these centenarians, many of them were found to have began to care for their health early in life.

When we are young, and we are warned against doing some things that injure the health, we scoff and say, "I am young and strong," all because we believe to be young is to have good health and be strong physically.

Whatever you sow, you shall reap. The young person who forms bad habits of living is sowing the seeds of disease in his body, it is certainly sure that sooner or later he reap ill health.

Here are the 13 Rules Of Longevity;

1. Make sure the rooms you occupy are properly ventilated.

2. Seek out-of-doors occupations and recreation.

3. Sleep out-of-doors if you can.

4. Avoid overeating.

5. Breathe deeply.

6. Eat sparingly of meats and highly spiced foods.

7. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly.

8. The bowels should be evacuated daily.

9. Stand, sit and walk erect.

10. Keep the teeth, gums, and tongue clean by brushing the teeth daily.

11. Follow principles of sanitation to prevent disease-producing germs from entering the body.

12. Do not overwork. Make sure to rest when you're fatigued. Sleep from seven to nine hours daily, according to your needs.

13. Avoid anger and worry - keep serene.

NOTE: The above rules were given by a prominent group of scientists for those who wish to keep in health and to live long.

You can read our previous post on Rules Of Good Health. The use of alcohol and tobacco sows the seeds of ill health and also shortens life. Sexual excesses and the diseases resulting from dissipation shortens life too.

There is no one who can't greatly lengthen the years of his/her life if he/she will at once leave off all those habits that injure the health and begin to practise those things that tend to promote long life.

Remember, to live a long life, it is essential that you eat moderately and regularly, and to have daily elimination. Daily body exercise, also exercise the mind by reading and discussing important subjects. Avoid anger, envy, bitter feelings, and depression because all have a resulting harmful effects on the body and they shorten life.

I hope this helps, stay healthy!