How To Deal With People With Low Emotional Quotient (EQ)

How to deal with people with low EQ
EQ (Emotional quotient) is the capability of an individual to recognize, differentiate and show feelings and also to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior.

Having low EQ is when the ability to process emotions and feeling is low. It is a problem that mostly affect guys, especially guys with average - high IQ (Intelligent Quotient).

There is a big difference between "Not having feelings for someone" and "Low EQ". While the former shows complete disgust when things get emotional, the latter worry about you, don't want you to get hurt and they panic when you complain even if they don't show it; if you know them well enough you will be able to decipher their feelings.

How to know you are dealing with someone with low EQ.

1. They usually try to solve every problem with science or nature by giving explanations that have nothing to do with emotions.

2. They are not usually the type that calls or text every now and then. It's more like a habit and they hardly miss you because they are too busy to.

3. When they are around you, they show love and affection but when they are away, it's more like "out of sight is out of mind"

4. They usually use their brains more than they use their heart in judgment. They believe infatuation and falling head over heels for someone is meant for children and teenagers and choosing a life partner, on the other hand, is more like a task.

5. They lose interest in people easily and sometimes their feelings go on and off like a switch.

6. Guys like that have high IQ and are usually geniuses, they usually forget things regarding emotions easily which is basically not their fault because they are too occupied with their IQ.

How to deal with people with low EQ.

1. Accept them for who they are, deal with them with maturity, not emotion.

2. Depending on the kind of relationship you have with them (parental, marital, dating and friendship) you have to accept the fact that they are now your responsibility. Without that, you might lose them totally.

3. Accepting your responsibility is a great task, more like you are saying you won't easily get angry with them.

4. Be understanding and caring regardless of what they do, make them feel like you are the only one who knows them well. They enjoy that and will be scared to loose you. It's more like winning them over.

5. Give them emotional distance when they need it. Every once in a while, they want people around them to be something different, someone more like them, with high IQ, so that they can share knowledge.

6. Expand your field of knowledge and challenge them. Know the things they don't and the ones they know, it makes them feel like they need you every now and then.

7. Let them miss you once in a while. Test if they still care, be careful not to do it for too long so they won't forget you exist.

8. You have to gain their trust and confidence, you have to be the best person that has ever happened to them, it is not easy but you have to try.

9. Find a hobby incase you have a fight with them. It will give you something to channel your anger into and give them the space they need.