Dating: How To Make Women Salivate For You!

How To Make Women Salivate For You!

Do you know that you can teach your dogs to salivate at the sound of a particular tone if you continuously pair the tone with the provision of food? The dogs will learn that the tone is a perfect sign of availability of food (which naturally erupt a salivary response). Thus, by repeating pairing of the tone and food, the dogs will always salivate, jump and wiggle to the sound of the tone, regardless of whether or not food was present.

This phenomenon is known as classical conditioning and can be applied in our lives, especially in our love lives too. Emotions are extremely susceptible to classical conditioning. Emotions are always invoked by certain circumstances as a result of past learning experiences (that is, previous pairings).

One practical example is the emotion of fear. People fear thing solely because of previous unfavorable or unpleasant associations. For example, a person may come to fear sounds of car horns because of past painful car accident experience.

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A woman who has been hurt so much in a love relationship may develop a fear of men. Or maybe it's the surroundings in which she met her previous lover who broke her heart that elicit feelings of fear and hurt. It's basically the pairing of a particular situation (or persons) with an emotion which causes similar situations (or persons) to elicit the same emotions in the nearest future.

Now think about an old lover of yours that you really adored. (Everybody had that one lover that they blew it with.) You were madly in love with this person that you'd have done just anything for her. That is, you may have done couple things for her that you didn't really care too much for.

Maybe she was really into Korean movies but you weren't. Frequently you end up on the couch with her seeing these movies in order to keep her happy. As a result of the pairing of Korean movies with this cute lady, you now love Korean movies. Or maybe it's a particular Korean movie series that you two always see that you now love.

Perhaps she used to love handball so you now do. Or she was crazy about gadgets and now you have several. Or maybe it was a particular music performance that the two of you saw together that still makes you feel nervous. Or a particular music (your favorite song) that brings back a flood of tangible memories and strong emotions. Whatever it is, your feelings for her were transferred to various situations, people, or objects as a result of being paired with her.

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It's really fantastic to study this pairing of emotions and situations. Try to acknowledge the "classical conditioning" happening around you as you go about your daily activities. It happens all the time and it's really quite fascinating.

Now that you grasp the basics of classical conditioning, the question now is, "How do you apply classical conditioning to assist you in your relationships with women?"

One or two things would be pointed out now, and you have to discover some of the other -secrets- yourself. Now assume that the object of your affection (to your girlfriend, or mate a girl you're attracted to) is often in either a good mood, normal or bad mood. Meaning she's either experiencing good, neutral, or bad emotions.

Your ultimate goal is simply to associate yourself with her good emotions and dissociate yourself from her bad emotions. Why? Just because you need to make yourself into a type of charismatic and infectious individual who elicits positive emotions and feelings - simply by showing up.

And that's what you need, isn't it? Don't you want her to be excited and happy when you come around? You definitely want her to look forward to any of your meetings because she's certain she's going to feel great. Isn't that how your lady (or the lady your strongly desire) makes you feel happy and excited? And you desperately don't want your presences around her to elicit feelings of anger, anxiety, or depression.

The major simple point you need to remember is that you want to be around when she's happy and in a good mood and avoid her, like a plague or virus, when she's sad and in a bad mood.

Nothing spectacular here. Yet it's amazing how guys can mess this up. Sometimes putting them through a whole of a great deal of extra in order to do so.

If that sweetheart at your workplace is in a bad mood (she's got a printer malfunction problem), then you should spend as little time with her as possible that day. If that cute black lady in your mathematics class is feeling exhausted (probably up all night practicing), then this is not the right time to ask her to lunch. If your girlfriend has a mean case of menstrual cramp, stay away until she's in a better mood (that's not to say you should not show care).

By avoiding her when she's feeling down and bad, you're not associating yourself with her negative emotional states, and conditioning yourself to be a "negative emotion generator."

But if she's in a really good or exhilarated great mood, then you should maximize your time together. It is obvious that you always want to be with her when she's happy, so just do it.

And even if you're unable to spend all that much time together when she's feeling good, then you should at least get her thinking about you. Send her a chat message. Call her on the phone. Video chat with her. Accidentally bump into her in the corridor. Tell her good jokes - jokes tend to stay long in the mind. Whatever you do - just make her feel good the more.

When she's in a normal and neutral mood as well, your aim must be to transform that into happy and exciting moods and associate yourself with these moods.

However, as earlier mentioned, many guys will still screw this up.

If their girlfriend (or desired lady) is in a bad mood, they may try to make her feel better. They try to cheer her up, drop by her place with food and drinks. They coax her to go out to lunch or dinner to brighten her up a little. They try to make her laugh. They put her on the phone for many hours sympathizing with her. They do her favors. They just hang and hang around. They try to do every possible thin they can but what they should be doing is staying away. Just dissociate.

Do not think that your girlfriend (or potential girlfriend) being in a bad mood is a perfect opportunity for you to make a few points. Do not think by doing your best to make her feel better will make her recognize what a great guy you are and maybe fall for you.

Though, it's possible. Anything is possible. But don't dwell on that. All you're doing is practically associating yourself with her negative emotional states by exerting all that extra effort to make her feel better. You're most likely doing more damage than good to your charisma.

Stay away and keep things simple.

And if you're a sensitive person who feels bad because she feels bad, well, remember that sometimes, people often like to feel down. Some people often like to get upset and vent. Somehow some way it helps them to keep their lives in balance. Give her the space to feel bad if she wishes.

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On the other hand, if she's been emotionally devastated, then that's a different situation. Maybe her dad just died or mom is in the hospital. Maybe her phone got damaged. Maybe her cat was bitten and killed by another dog. Whatever - different things happen to girls. If she is your girlfriend, she would definitely expect you to be there for her emotionally. She is going to want to get your support, lean on you and draw strength from you. She is going to want to cry on to you. And if you are unavailable to her, she may hate you for it.

However, if she is not your girlfriend and she's devastated (maybe someone you'd like to be), then it's probably best to stay away until she's feeling alright and better.

Delivering bad news does rub off on to the person unfortunate to be the deliverer. It's one of the most serious cases of classical conditioning. She's feeling all great, then you arrive to deliver a bad news. She starts to feel bad. Not exactly what you should yearn for.

DON'T ever deliver a bad news to a girl you are absolutely attracted to. Get someone else to do it. You can even bribe someone else if you have to. Just make sure someplace else when she receives the bad news.

But as far as delivering good news goes... Oh oh, you sure want to be that person!!


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