The 6 Rules Of Good Health!!!

The 6 Rules Of Good Health!!!
Taking good care of your body translates to good health. The body has various systems which are made up of different organs all working together for the benefit of the body. In addition to the various organs, there are the bones, and the muscles, which enable movement of all parts of the body. 

If all the parts of the body are well protected and their needs are consistently provided, one will have perfect health. Below are the 6 rules of good health; 

The 6 Rules Of Good Health;

1. The body must receive proper food and drink.

2. The body must be subjected to an abundance of sunlight and fresh air. 

3. The body must always get rid of its waste material. 

4. The body must always be protected so as to avoid injuries from cold or heat. 

5. The body must get proper exercise and proper rest daily.  

6. The body must be constantly fortified against the entrance of poison and disease-causing germs. 

By observing these 6 rules, diseases can be avoided and long life can be ensured; but failure to observe any of these rules will sooner or later bring illness.

Stay safe and healthy!