The BIG LIE Some Ladies Tell You To Hide The Bitter Truth

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As humans, we lie to ourselves so much we wish it were true. When you see a lady who takes antibiotics every time and she tells you the reason is taking it is because she has been having pain in the lower part of her stomach since she was a child, she is obviously lying to you. Although children suffer from urinary tract infections but it's something that is easily cured in children.

Most ladies (teenagers and adults) that abuse antibiotics are suffering from multiple drug resistant sexually transmitted diseases or sexually transmitted urinary tract infections. They are so shy to admit it and try to cover up with that lie in particular.

What's the theory?

* If a lady has been using antibiotics since she was a child, the sickness she has been treating would have gone. Infections don't come unless you are exposed to them again, someone with history of lower abdominal pain will sure take precautions because the doctors treating her knows the side effect of antibiotics abuse and will never allow a patient to take it for that long.

* If the lady is not on probiotics, cranberry juice or any supplement which is good for people with UTI, the person is lying because no doctor will tell a patient to continuously take antibiotics except the person is dying.

* Lastly, ladies that fall in this category will tell you they've ran several medical test and no bacteria was found in the sample given. This is enough reason for one not to take antibiotics but they keep taking it which means something is wrong with them and they are denying it.


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