5 Things You Must Never Do To Your Child as a Parent!!!

5 Things You Must Never Do To Your Child as a Parent!!!
It is important to scold children, maybe even beat them when necessary. As a parent, it is important that you know when to draw the line. Here are 5 things you should not do as a parent, especially a mother.

1. Never play with your child's breast or penis: Some mothers do this as a means of teasing their children. Some even allow others to do it to their children and when the child frowns at it, they are like "can't someone even play with you again?" Seriously, it's a really bad thing, no matter how young the child is, as long as he is not a toddler, the genitals should never be toyed with.

2. Never body shame your child: As a mother, you are supposed to make your children proud of themselves not make them have low self-esteem. A mother who uses her child's features to insult him or her will end up loosing a part of the child which she can never get back.

3. Never curse your child: Children hurt when their parents curse them, which in turn, makes them develop the habit of cursing other people. They often turn out to be the names their parents call them, hence, they become nuisance to the society.

4: Never discipline your child unnecessarily: When a parent disciplines a child unnecessarily, the child gets used to discipline and even he/she won't know what is wrong or right anymore. This kind of child ends up doing whatever he/she pleases with the thought that (no matter what he/she does, its never right in the sight of the parent).

5: Never compare your children or insult one for another especially if they are teenagers or adults: This act can make the inferior child do things that are unspeakable in order to prove himself/herself right. Worse, the child accepts the fact that he is less worthy and lacks focus and ambition. If a parent must compare two children, it should be in a cool manner, during advice, when they are away from they other child. This will make the inferior child see why he/she should do or be better.


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