How You Can Make The Best Use Of Your Time When You Are Waiting To Take The Next Step In Life

How You Can Make The Best Use Of Your Time When You Are Unemployed
There are times we have nothing to do while waiting for the next step in life, career, or plainly when we are unemployed. Most times, we feel some type of way that because we don't have money, we can't do something fun or meaningful.

If you are waiting on a school admission, job or your are just waiting for one thing or the other, here are 5 things you can do to while away time;

1. Reading/Watching meaningful movies: This is the most interesting and cheapest thing to do to keep yourself engaged. To me, there is no much difference in reading and watching movies, depending on what you are reading and watching. For instance, if you are reading Nora Roberts or John Grisham novels, there's no much difference between that and seeing the Big Bang theory or Suits movies. In both, you learn new things in each chapter/episode and can feel like you are part of their world while you engage yourself.

2. Learning a new language: Depending on your interests, there are several major languages you can fully learn especially if you want to broaden your chances of getting jobs. Arabic, French, German, Spanish and any other Nigerian language asides your dialect will do. It is fun and interesting. Although, you would have to spend substantial money for language classes, and enthusiasts can also learn for free online.

3. Learning a trade or profession: This is very important because all courses studied in school have practical aspects. Learning stuffs related to your field will really help in giving you vital experiences. A trade or profession can also be learnt to rake in income for yourself, especially ones that can be done individually. Examples are tailoring, baking, printing, graphics designing etc.

4. Internships: Internships are cheap because you don't have to pay to learn. All you have to do is work for free and learn in return. Although the rate at which internships are done is low in Nigeria but it really helps in expanding one's scope, opportunities and you can also meet different people in the course of work.

5. Travelling: As long as you have cash, you can visit anywhere depending on your budget. There are several places to visit within Nigeria where you can learn a great deal. You can decide to explore all 36 states and their tourist attraction centers (if there is one.) You can also visit family and friends because once you get busy, getting in touch with them might become difficult. For some people, travelling benefits them more because they receive cash and gifts when leaving.

So, these are some 5 different ways you can make the best use of your time when you are waiting to take the next step in life. Enjoy!


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