The 3 Types of Men to Avoid When Jumping Into the Dating Scene As a Woman

Couple, Love, Girl, Boy, Romance, Beauty, The 3 Types of Men to Avoid When As a Woman When Jumping Into the Dating Scene

The 3 Types of Men to Avoid When Jumping Into the Dating Scene As a Woman

Every woman on planet earth deserves the best man they can get out there. When you are ready to delve into the dating scene, there are some certain types of men you need to avoid.

Yes, it is exactly how it sounds. You need to stay away from some types of men; men who may waste your time and in the process hurt you, men who are demons in human forms. Here are some of the 3 types of men to completely avoid:

Wedding, Couple, In Love, Love, The 3 Types of Men to Avoid When Jumping Into the Dating Scene As a Woman

A Narcissist

A narcissistic man is a type of man who believes that he is better than everyone else and knows best for himself and others. He feels that he is a unique human God has created, that he is all-knowing and all-wise. While dating experts will advise you to desist from dating a man who lacks confidence, you should completely avoid the narcissistic man. While he may portray huge confidence, he is just not the right one for you because he would always be domineering. Such a man is always full of himself, talking about all the things he could do, taking credits of things done by others. He will praise himself and will try to belittle you or make you feel inferior.

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To recognize a narcissistic man, you have to listen to him talk. You can also go through his social media accounts. If his social media profiles are filled with descriptions that seem over the top to you, then you should run for your dear life. If you find most pictures of him on his timelines to be with high people in the society, then he is surely an egoistic person. A man like this will always feel he can do better than you and you are just not good enough for him. He will continue to search for women who he thinks are on his level and will replace you in no time when he finds such a woman. Men like this will control and tell you what to do at all time. This can lower your self-esteem and self-worth, and it could be detrimental to your physical and emotional state if you stay in this type of abusive relationship.

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A Married man

Why do you want to mess with a married man when there are many single men across the globe? Imagine yourself as a wife with your husband jumping around town with other women. Does it look cool?

If you have been in the dating scene for a long time, you would know there are a lot of men who pose as single men whereas they are all married. Their wives may just be out of town on business or vacation, or they themselves are in town for business and they would just want to do crazy stuff before they return home. These men will only take advantage of you and waste your time in the process. Some of these men will go to great heights to woo you, shower you with expensive gifts in a short time, all of which are to get you to his bed for some intimate time that he would consider another adventure which is a change to what he used to with his wife.

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The most simple giveaway sign to know if a man is married is if he has more than one cell phones (though some single guys are fond of using two or more phones in this smartphones age). If he hides in the bath or wherever to receive calls, then you should be suspicious, except if you yourself is just in town for a very short fling with no hard feelings. Another obvious sign to know a man is married is if he always unavailable except when he wants to be available for you, and probably that’s odd times of the day and week. A married man would also not take you to his private residence or reveal too much about himself. All he wants to do is enjoy the moment. Don’t waste your time with that type of man except if you are in for a relationship that isn’t heading any good level.

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A player

Men who are players are usually the hardest type of men to pick out because they are capable of maneuvering their ways in and out of love relationships. To be able to identify men like this, you have to be keen and attentive enough. A sure sign of a player is if he flirts with every woman that he comes across. If he is always losing concentration when you both are spending time out, then he would never be a loyal man to you.

Another fire sign of a player is if he makes or changes plans at the last minute. The reason unexpected change of plans may be because he just got a confirmation from another woman. If the other woman/women fail him, he then comes to you. Such men are a pure waste of time and effort. You should not even get close to him for five seconds.

Couple, Love, Girl, Boy, Romance, Beauty, The 3 Types of Men to Avoid When Jumping Into the Dating Scene As a Woman


These are some the main types of men to avoid when jumping into the dating scene. Men like these are time wasters. Just like the saying that “you kiss 1000 frogs before you get to your prince”, never relent when you meet undesirable men. Don’t give up; you need to continue to meet men in order to discover the ones which aren’t best for you until you meet your dream man.

These are the main types of men that you shouldn't waste your time with. It's often said that you kiss 1000 frogs before you get to your prince. Even when you meet one undesirable man after another, you shouldn't give up on it. There are plenty of them out there. You only need to keep on meeting them and you will definitely meet the prince of your heart.

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