Three Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Mattresses

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Three Signs It's Time to Replace Your Mattresses

After 7 years, people need to consider the replacement of their mattress, because mattresses do not provide suitable comfort and support after this period of time. Consideration should also be given to other factors like quality and brand of bed.

There are many signs that show if you should contemplate on buying a new mattress. If you wake up every morning with backaches and different pains, then it shows that the bed can no longer provide an adequate amount of support or it has become too soft. Though shifting in the bed is not abnormal, but if you toss and turn excessively, that can also be a sign of disproportionate firmness and pressure points. Irreversible wears in the innerspring of mattresses are the cause for their sagging.

1. Aches and Pains in the Morning

The bed should provide the necessary comfort throughout the whole 8 hours duration of sleep, so a person should not wake up from bed with new aches and stiffness in their back or other parts of the body. Only a bed that is already sagging and no longer providing the required amount of support needed for comfort results to aching. Aching can also be as a result of the poor quality of a bed. Many people make mistakes by buying mattresses because they are so soft, thinking that softness will give them a lot comfort. The truth is that too much softness can cause the back to arch because it allows the pelvis and shoulders to sink into the bed. On the other hand, a bed that is too firm can put too much pressure on the back and shoulders. Not only is waking up with an achy back uncomfortable, it can also result in long-term health problems as well.

2. Constant Tossing and Turning

The level of firmness required for a comfortable sleep varies for each person’s level of comfort, so a person should test the bed well before making the final decision to purchase. Like it was stated earlier, excessive tossing and turning in bed can be a sign of pressure points, which occur when the bedding products struggle to regain its shape when body weight is applied. The best solution is a memory foam mattress, according to bedding experts.

3. The Mattress is starting to Sag

A sagging bed must have gone through a lot of uneven wear in the innerspring system. To know if a bed is too old, bed experts advise that one test the severity of the wear by placing a rigid object on the bed. If more than one inch of compression can be measured, this is a vivid sign that the bed is too old.


To prevent a bed from sagging, people should regularly flip their mattresses and ensure that they sleep all over the bed, not just on one part. However, as soon as the sagging starts, the damage cannot be reversed, so replacement is the only certain solution. You should evaluate these warning signs and change your bed when you see it fit. This will reduce aches and pains in your body and give you a good night’s sleep.