A Gathering Of Crows (Dedicated to Ondo and her plight)

Poetry:  A Gathering Of Crows (Dedicated to Ondo and her plight), feoluseyi Ifeoluwapo Ifeyemi

Poetry:  A Gathering Of Crows (Dedicated to Ondo and her plight)

And we will die again
For our heavens have become black again
From the gathering of callous crows
Who now find freedom in the wind that blows:
Wind of famine as fearful as death
Wind of cast and die - an image of heightened hopelessness.

And we will die again
For above us lie the passage to hell
While we yet liveth and hope
While we wait for the war within and beneath to seize
The war we began from the memories of our fathers
Whose blessings we broke into "daily breads" for looters.

And we will die again
From the bloody beaks of potbellied politicians
Black in heart and acts as crows
As they feed to us the terror to come
From the comfort of their lips locked in oxymorons
But first like crows they give to us the drama before disaster.

And we will die again
As we battle to build a buoyant nation
Through the might of our thumbs
For we forgot nations are built with blood
Only we do not fight the war-the war is us
And the fallacies we forward into governance.

And we will die again
In the stink of economic spoils and rot
As we weave a web of waste and haste
Through the frontiers of state
By the hand we hand our might
To fashion more ways to die.

Writer's Bio
Ifeoluseyi Ifeoluwapo Ifeyemi, is a young and prolific writer with lots of depths. He Hails from Yaba, Ondo town, Ondo state Nigeria. A graduate of his state university,with a degree in Social Studies Education. He is currently serving his country as a corp member (NYCS). He has written lots of poems to his credit, to read some of his works visit his personal blog: www.sterlingartarena.blogspot.com


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