6 Types of Persons You Should Never Invite To Your House Party

6 Types of Persons You Should Never Invite To Your House Party

6 Types of Persons You Should Never Invite To Your House Party

Do you know there are some people you should never invite to your house party? Many things could go wrong when these set of people are present in your party.

Imagine you and your party invites grooving, the Disc Jockey (DJ) playing those your favorite songs, everyone sweating it out on the dance floor, sweet small chops rolling in the mouth, and enough booze to go around, then some people are in there acting funny.

We all love a cool party without too much scuffle or drama. When you have the wrong people present in your party, even your hunky and burly looking bouncers who look like the WWE wrestler, The Rock won’t be able to save the day. These people are there just to crash the party. Call them spoilers.

To avoid troubles in your forthcoming house parties, below are six types of people you should never invite to your party:

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The persons who will always get high on alcohol

When people see free booze, they tend to lose their sense of control and discipline. They just drink and drink until they can’t drink anymore. Alcohol will then get the best of them; they will get angry at any perceived wrongdoing and fight everyone, say irrational things and more.

It is best to evict such people with the speed of light before their erratic behaviors being influenced by alcohol get worse. If you can know these people well beforehand, never invite them.

The persons who would always stay back

These people just don’t know when to leave or how to leave a party after having a nice time. Your party may have ended at 9pm, but you’d still find them hanging around at 11pm. They may even want to sleep over at your place which you may not be very comfortable with as you didn’t plan for it earlier. Everyone should be able to discern when to leave a party, even if one would leave quietly.

The girlfriend hunters

This type of people will make a pass at all the girls in the party even if they came with their own women. They do not care about whose ox is gored by their actions. If you slack too much, they will vanish with your woman before you notice anything. Strike them out your party guests invite because their natural charms will get any woman they hit on.

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The Music dictator

This type of person will dictate all the music that would be played in your party to the DJ as if they personally brought their own playlists of music. They will rant, and may even get violent every time the DJ plays music that they don’t like or connect with.

Ensure you hire the best DJ in town as well, so as to avoid chaos in case most people in the party don’t like the songs he/she plays. Get a DJ that knows the perfect blend of music for every moment.

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The Strangers

Is it possible not to have a stranger in a party? Your friends will come with their own friends who may also bring along their own friends too. Many of these people, you may have never met before, but because they know your friends, they have the privilege of attending your party too.

Reach your friends in time to know if they are coming with other people so you can plan properly or just ask them not to bring their own friends. If they refuse and bring unknown faces to the party, respectfully reject them entry into your party.

The Drug addicts

You may have friends who are addicted to hard drugs like Indian hemp or even under-the-counter (UTC) medicines. These persons may even plan to mix the booze in the party with hard drugs. You should never have these types of persons over for your party.

I hope you feel me, avoid these persons in your party. Refrain from inviting them. Stay safe!


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