Why You Should Stop Shaving Your Pubic Hair Completely

Why You Should Stop Shaving Your Pubic Hair Completely

Why You Should Stop Shaving Your Pubic Hair Completely

Do you shave your pubic hair completely? Are you aware that by shaving completely, your pubic region is vulnerable to infections? Read on to see why you should stop shaving completely.

Contrary to popular acclaimed hygienic practice, an Abuja-based medical expert, Dr. Arikawe Adeolu, has warned of the downsides in completely shaving the pubic hair. He advised that it is safer to lightly trim the pubic hair than shaving it off fully because complete shaving can expose the pubic area to infections. Dr. Adeolu mentioned that waxing or shaving of the hair around the pubic area could result in cracks and make it vulnerable to skin bacterial infection. He further added that the pubic hair represents a major function of providing some level of protection for the individual, especially during sexual activity, avoiding the skin from rubbing against another and causing abrasion.

By shaving the pubic region completely, during sexual activity, an individual’s skin may come in contact with their partner’s skin. As a result of this, the risk of friction occurring would be increased due to the skin-to-skin contact. Individuals who are troubled about the lack of hygiene due to untended pubic hair should trim rather than complete shaving or waxing of the hair.

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Dr. Adeolu asserted that “when one shave the pubic hair completely, it regrows in a slanted style with the tips at times growing into the pubic skin, which can crack open the skin. This crack cannot be seen with the naked eyes because they are small. Due to this crack and loss of protection of the skin at that level, the risk of contracting infections is highly increased.”

He also said that complete shaving can cause boils to develop in the pubic region. This is due to some level of abrasion which opens up the skin after shaving. These small openings are invisible to the naked eyes but are large enough for microorganisms to get into the body. And because the pubic region is always moist, this can serve as a breeding ground for organisms like bacteria.

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Dr. Adeola emphasized on the advantages of trimming the pubic hair, as it would aid in reducing the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs). STIs could be contracted when fluid from an infected person’s genitalia come into contact with the pubic area of his/her partner. The virus in the semen or body fluid of the infected partner can easily penetrate the skin of the other to infect the individual.

This infection is mostly caused by a virus named ‘Molluscum Contagiosum’. Dr. Adeola made it known that there has been a significant increase in incidences of such infections in hospitals across the country.

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Trim, not complete shave. Stay safe and healthy.

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