Poetry: Where Death Dwells, Give Us Hope (A Beggar's Burden)



1 - Where Death Dwells 

If this is what poetry births, I do not want to be a poet 
You see, I have forgotten how to cry again 
The membranes made for tears are dead now
They over-cried their hearts and suffered an attack 
While they worked and walked through cruel corridors;
With spirits calling out for redemption on benches and broken beds 

The hospital is a fine place - come to Nigeria and see
And I love her scents like I love appalling things
Only I am a smell allergy to a tragical sense 
And when this scents call at me from shadows ,
Stretching, sneezing, stressing and suffering 
I become shivers running down my own spine .

As pastors are pointers to salvation 
So are doctors and nurses to redemption -recovery 
Only pastors these days are parasites plundering sanctuaries
Only doctors and nurses these days are nightmares ,
With harsh handlings of victims and revelations of death
Scarring satanically the courage of survival out of dying breaths 

This poetry is a lamentation of a heaven turned hell by merciless mortals 
And again I am made a weeping poet sinking in the rivers of his own eyes 
I miss humanity like I miss oxygen and I now cherish living without pains 
The things I see these days are contradictions and confusions 
Like death dwelling defiantly in healing houses - hospitals 
Like governments governing houses housing ghost and shadows

2 - Give Us Hope (A Beggar's Burden )

Feel the still silence noisily nudging my muse 
From stings of slumber to punches of paper 
Yesterday I saw hope beg for hope 
On rags of rust and ruins 
And I cried money 
Into her hands 
Stretched like
A beggar's. 

A heart,
And many miseries of, 
Pleas and many silent sobs ,
Of give us hope to cope and hope. 
A cross, many miseries milked 
And averted through stones of gifts 
Feel the still silence noisily nudging my muse 
From stings of slumber to punches of paper

Ifeoluseyi Ifeoluwapo Ifeyemi, is a young and prolific writer with lots of depths. He Hails from Yaba, Ondo town, Ondo state Nigeria. A graduate of his state university,with a degree in Social Studies Education. He has written lots of poems to his credit, to read some of his works visit his personal blogspot :www.sterlingartarena.blogspot.com 


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