I Don't Know What I Did With My December Salary

I Don't Know What I Did With My December Salary

A saying from an unknown source goes like this, "He who spends his December salary will know the true meaning of endurance in January".
This saying practically sums up my life right now. What I am going through right now is not just endurance, but patience mixed with perseverance. And that's not even all, I'm also now very frugal, especially after l look at the calendar.

What did I do with my December salary? A December salary received just when the festive period began. I did no shopping. No new clothes or shoes. Joking apart - I dashed out money to a few people I'd promised. And the amount dashed out was just 14% of my salary. What happened to the other 86%? The answer is surely a story for the gods!

Was it Christmas and New Year flexing? Was it food? Transport? Other miscellaneous stuff? In fact, the disappearance of my December salary before January is the combination of all the stuff mentioned above.

Another salary is on the way, and I don't know how I survived all these weeks without gallant cash, but I am certain to manage this incoming salary effectively. I am so looking up to the end of the month. 

But then, who knows tomorrow? What does tomorrow hold? I don't know, and surely you do not know too. Who knows if I'd meet that long lost friend who owes me money, or if I would find a couple thousands of naira packed together in a plastic bag on my way to work? Nobody knows! 

Be frugal! Save money!


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