The Best Online Free Digital Marketing Course for 2017 – Digital Garage with Google

The Best Online Free Digital Marketing Course for 2017 – Digital Garage with Google

The Best Online Free Digital Marketing Course for 2017 – Digital Garage with Google

Do you want to become a digital marketer? Do you want to boost your CV with a reputable free digital marketing certificate to bolster your career?

Do you have a website for your business and need to learn about boosting your web traffic, conversion and sales with organic and paid searches? Would you like to learn digital marketing course online for free?

Are you a website developer that needs to understand how search engines relate with web pages before you build your websites? Look no further, you are in the right place. This post is about the best online free digital marketing course for 2017 in which I have personally benefitted. This free course is called the Digital Garage with Google.

I have seen quite a lot of free online digital marketing courses, but the Digital Garage that Google itself personally recommends can't be short of authenticity. This free online course supported by Google is the best because it didn’t just compile video teachings; it comes with a full transcript of every video. At the end of each video lesson, there is a practical question that follows, and then a thorough assessment of what you have learnt so far after the conclusion of a full topic.

The Best Online Free Digital Marketing Course for 2017 – Digital Garage with Google

The Digital Garage with Google has a total of 23 interesting topics that covers:

How to build online presence,

How to get started with search,

How to get discovered with search and make it work for you,

How to get noticed with search ads,

How to improve search campaigns,

How to get started with analytics with success (Google and Bing),

How to get noticed locally, helping people nearby find you online,

How to get noticed by social media,

How to discover mobile and make it work for you,

How to expand internationally, and

How to build your online shop and sell more

All of these for free and you learn at your own pace. Isn’t this interesting? The video lessons are made by different experts who are vast in content marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), how to rank in search engine results pages (SERP), search engine optimisation (SEO), and social media marketing. You would learn how search engine crawlers/spiders/bots work, how pages are ranked and so on. The experts mentioned how referrals, internal and external bound links are important to page rankings. You also have the opportunity to learn about Google AdWords and Keyword Planner, Google Alerts, Google Trends, and Google Webmaster and Console.

The duration per video lessons is not more than 5 minutes, and it also has a description and full transcript. Depending on your prior knowledge in internet usage and online marketing, there are different stages in which you can commence the free online training. There is also a tracker on the digital garage with Google dashboard that shows your progress towards certification. When you finish a topic, you would also receive a badge.

The best thing about this Digital Garage with Google free online digital marketing course is that it offers a reputable certification that will show your expertise and makes your CV shine brighter. I can assure you that once you are done with the lessons and carried out practical aspects of all lessons, you can start your own digital marketing agency, and you need to do is stay updated on changes that occur in the digital marketing industry. As we move forward, there are bound to change and you have to be ready to adapt.

There are much more numerous online learning websites that offer relevant Digital Marketing courses. For example, Udemy Digital Marketing course which requires $29 to study. Many of these websites offer paid courses, but the Digital Garage with Google is free and much better.

Do you have what it takes to complete each of the 23 topics and unlock every badge? You can earn the highly esteemed Digital Garage Certificate of Online Proficiency. Below is the link to the course.

Good luck.


Unknown said…
thanks for you info i have completed 22 badges and 1 more required to be certified but i couldn't find the next task could you guide me?.thanks in advance!
Akintobi Jimoh said…
Something must have gone wrong, try to email the digital garage support... Many people have got their certifications now.
mohammed imran said…
okk sir i have sended a feedback bug report hope they fix it
abioye olaide said…
Yplease I couldn't move to the next task it fais to accept my answer