6 Sure Ways To Avoid Sagging of the Breasts

6 Sure Ways To Avoid Sagging of the Breasts
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Women Health: 6 Sure Fire Ways To Avoid Sagging of the Breasts

There is that point in a woman’s life when her breasts will sag, no matter how hard she tries to avoid it. However, there are a number of various ways a woman can follow to avoid sagging breasts, maintaining her youthful appearance with a firm breast for as long as possible. Who wants saggy boobs? This article will serve as home remedies for firming saggy boobs. 

Below are 6 ways to avoid breast sagging:

1. Always Wear a Supportive Bra that is Your Size

Acquiring only supported fitted bras that are your size will help give your breast the major support they require. This will also help your breast minimise bouncing when you walk and also resist gravity. Fitted bras maintain firm breasts by helping to reduce strains on the breasts skin and ligaments, preventing them from stretching out.

2. Carry out Exercises

The surest way to keep your body young and fit is by regularly engaging in physical activities. One of those activities is regular exercise. In women, exercise helps highlight the perkiness of the breasts. Make sure to wear a well-fitted sports bra during exercise. This enables your breast is in place, reduce bouncing and prevents overstretching of the skin and ligament of your breast.

3. Avoid Smoking

Researchers have always said that the chemicals contained in cigarettes harm the elastin and collagen in the skin, making it less stretchy and weaker, which eventually causes wrinkling of the skin and sagged boobs. The moment the skin of your breasts loses elasticity; your boobs will sag. You should avoid smoking excessively by all means.

4. Massage Your Boobs

Make sure to moisturise your boobs daily and massage it in a circular motion gently, from upside down and more. This helps keep the skin supple and your breast remains firm by retaining its elasticity. Massaging the boobs aids circulation in the tissues, this enhances the elasticity of the boobs.

5. Eat Enough Proteins

The best way to heal damages in the skin, connective tissues and muscles are by eating proteins. Protein enhances the healing of these damages, helping to strengthen your breasts to resist gravity and remain firm. Rich foods in protein include milk, beans, nuts, beef, etc.

6. Avoid Weight Fluctuations

Endeavour to maintain a stable weight. Avoid yo-yo dieting, rapid losing or gaining weight, and avoid becoming excessively overweight too. Weight fluctuations stretch out the skin in your boobs, causing it to sag quicker.

Myth: Breast-feeding Makes Your Breasts Sag

There is not truth in the saying that breast-feeing cause sagging of the boobs. Eventually, during pregnancy, your breasts will sag as they get larger and heavier, this occurs because of the stretching of the ligaments in the breasts. Whether you breastfeed or not, overtime, your boobs will still sag. Breast-feeding does not in any way enhance sagging of the boobs.