Short Story: Fresher Girl (Part 1) Written By Akintobi Jimoh

Short Story: Fresher Girl By Akintobi Jimoh Owolabi

Short Story: Fresher Girl (Part 1)

One shiny sunny morning, sparkling dressed in my best clothes and shoes, my bag crossed on my body, I hopped into a school shutter. I was going to attend a lecture.

Few blocks away from my hostel, this pretty lady came into the bus and sat beside me. I had lived all my campus life on the same street, so I recognise all the pretty faces around me. This was certainly a new face, but I kept my cool. I don't go around looking for pretty faces -my girlfriend at the time was too petite and pretty for that.

I was calm and looked out of the bus for most of the time because I sat close to the window. We were heading close to the campus when she said, "damn, there are too many mentally ill persons around here". I wasn't sure if I should engage her in a conversation or not, but I did.

"Yeah, you are right. And if I may ask, are you new around here? Because I haven't seen your face around here before now," I asked her politely. She reciprocated, and at that moment, I believed I got a potential friend or sidechick.

"Yes, I am a fresher. I squat with my friend for now around. I am going to attend my first lectures," she replied sharply.

Before this conversation, we had both paid for our bus fares respectively. No sane campus guy pay an unknown girl's bus fare, am I right? Who spends money and not want to get value back for it? It isn't a tithe payment.

We had a few more chats, and when we got to the campus and alighted, I was inclined to not losing her. This is a fresher. She is pretty and not yet popular. I am like one of the first old students she's meeting. I weighed my chances and then approached her.

"Where is your lecture room? Can we walk hand-in-hand to your class?"

I didn't really mean to hold her hands and believed she would reject anyways. We just met and no girl get so attached like that. It was just a joke to keep the conversation going. But to my surprise, she obliged, after initially looking at me with an inquiring eye.

Damn, I was holding hands with a pretty new girl on campus. I got so elated, remember I was dressed well, and this occasion looked so perfect. In fact, I felt other passersby were staring at us. This feeling was similar to a red carpet walk. We were like John Legend and Chrissy Tegen walking the runway. In my head, I was like 'this could be the perfect sidechick'.

One our way to her lecture room while holding hands, we got more acquainted. I was confident and dominating the conversation. I asked the right and wrong questions. Her smile was so pretty. Do you remember that Ayo Jay line in his hit song, 'your number', "the way you smile at me girl, I don't really know what it means girl." This was the perfect description of the scenario.

In few minutes, we had exchanged phone numbers. It was as if we have known each other for many years.

"When will your class end? Can I come wait for you so that we can head home together?"

She smiled and looked more interested. And then she said, "Owolabi, just call me."

We waved each other goodbyes, and that moment felt like the best moment of my campus life. I thought loud to myself, 'who is this pretty Angel? I have to be the luckiest guy in OOU".

I was lost in thought of this new girl all through my classes. I was only in the lecture rooms for the lectures to end. I was planning the exacts words to use as a description of the girl to my hostel mates. Owolabi is going to have a campus chick.

Lectures ended, and I hurried to make that call. I had to break off my engagements with my classmates so I can be alone. When I made the call, her phone was switched off. No, this can't be happening to me. Will I ever meet this girl again? I left for home. 
Part 2 coming soon! Drop comments if you like the piece.


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