Short Story: Fresher Girl (Part 2) Written By Akintobi Jimoh

Short Story: Fresher Girl (Part 2) Written By Akintobi Jimoh

Short Story: Fresher Girl (Part 2) Written By Akintobi Jimoh

Read Part 1 here before you read on...

I got to my hostel, and went straight into my room, dropped my class materials and changed clothes. I tried calling my fresher girl, Tara (not real name), again, but still, it was to no avail.

"What could have happened? Did she run out of battery life on her phone?" I thought to myself. I left my room and joined my housemates.

"Alfa, I swear, I met a damsel today on my way to school. If you see the way this girl was laughing, as in, my shuku-shuku dey inside her honeypot", I cheekily hinted one of my housemates.

"Ehn eh, liar. Where did you meet her? Where does she live?", Alfa asked inquisitively. I was more than ready to go into full details.

"Well, I hopped into the school shutter right in front of the hostel, and after Queens hall, the girl hopped in and sat beside me. One thing led to another- and we started chatting. We walked hand-in-hand on campus and I got her phone number. People actually looked at us as if we were the perfect couple. Kind of like Tyga and Kylie Jenner," we both busted into a laughter.

"The girl mentioned that she squats with her friend. The hostel is just behind ours. I can't wait to see her again before hungry and horny OOU boys grab her." I quipped with a worried face.

"You have to be on the lookout. Nothing to worry, since she is a fresher, you have got enough chances. But chill, where will you put your girlfriend?", Alfa asked me in a tone in which there was no need to reply.

"I beg. Thank you, guardian angel. My girl doesn't need to know. I am just going to wait until I can reach my fresher girl on the phone.", I let the matter rest and moved on.

After two days of daydreaming about Tara, I finally got to reach her on the phone.

"Hello Tara, what's up? I have been trying to reach you like forever. What happened?"

"Hi, I have been busy and charging my phone with poor power supply is hard. Lectures, tutorials, and registration. OOU is hell oh."

"I understand. But I really need to see you. Don't you want to hang out with me? I like you and can't stop thinking about you."

"Haha, Owolabi. You are in your final year, I just gained admission. Hmmm, so you don't want me to be serious right when you are concluding your own stay on campus. I don't have time oh."

"No, that is not the case. I just want to talk, get to know you better. We live close now. Where are you now?"

"I am at home. I need cash, have to go use the ATM."

I thought this was my opportunity to meet her again. My male dominant force came into play. I really didn't need cash, but I could use some more. I had a few thousand sleeping in my bank account. And getting cash from banks or ATMsfor residents of my campus area at the time was real hard. A major robbery that busted five banks leading to loss of lives, properties, and millions of naira had just occurred. All the other banks in Ago-Iwoye had been forced to shut down for security reasons. We had to travel to the nearest town, Ijebu-Igbo. But because of availability of just a few banks and ATMs which were very unreliable, and a large number of users who depended on them, many preferred going all the way to Ijebu-Ode and Ibadan.

"Oh, great. I need cash too. How about you meet me on your way to the bank?"

"Hmmm, okay. I will call you when I am about to leave. Please, be ready. I will leave in a bit. Where should I meet you?"

"I am at my friends. Just a few buildings away. Walk towards the RCCF church. Call and wait for me in front of the hostel opposite the primary school."

"Alright. See you in a bit."

I got so excited. All seemed to be playing out fairly good. I quickly told my friend about her. My friend, Ajide, lived in one of those top hostels with costly rents for one-room self-contain. He was quite rich for a student at the time and had his room set up like that of a rich working class. Big bed, colourful floor rug matching the shining wall paintings. 32 inches flat-screen TV, fancy home theatre. His kitchen was equipped with a fridge, microwave, and modern portable gas cooker. There was no better place to meet and convince a fresher girl to roll with the real big boys.

That was Ajide's apartment. My own room was that of a typical average student. Face-me-and-slap-you hostel with the whole household sharing the same bathroom and toilet. My room had a 16 inches bulky TV, DVD player, an improvised shelf that also carried books, clean rug, fairly good wall painting, double bed and a very long reading table. I had a laptop and desktop computer on the table, so it was a decent appearance.

Some minutes later after the call with Tara, she turned up. She didn't want to come into my friend's room as she was in a hurry to get to the bank. It was around 5 pm already. I met her outside, had a little chat, gave her my ATM card and PIN, and the amount of cash to withdraw.

"Owolabi, I will remove my transport fare from your money." She said looking at me with those charming eyes that melt balls in one second.

"No problem. Just run along now, it is getting late. Please come back safe to me. I will be waiting for you here. That is my friend up there." I replied and got a bit shy. She should return quickly so that I can move on to my next plot.

She left and I returned to my friend's to plot my next move. "Lord please be good to me", I prayed.

After gisting with Ajide for about one and a half hour, Tara still hadn't returned from the bank. I had to call to check on her.

"Hello, where are you? It is late and I am worried."

With a windy noise in the call background, Tara replied, "I am already close to the garage. If you see the queue at the ATM, you would faint. I will soon join you."

While still on the call, Ajide coaxed me into telling her to buy yoghurt and Origin bitters (alcoholic drink) from my money.

"Okay. Please, when you get to the garage, kindly help me get drinks from the store beside the park."

"Haaa, okay. I have heard."

Some minutes later, Tara returned, and I directed her to my friend's apartment. We sat in the corridor while I got cups for myself and Ajide. Something had to open, I couldn't just let Tara leave, so I offered her soft drink. Ajide was a perfect gentleman, as he kept CocaCola and Fanta drinks chilled in his fridge. Instead of going right in to bring the drink for her, I coaxed her into following me into the room so she can choose what she likes herself.

She obliged and followed me into the room. As soon as she entered, looking around the room, she asked, "Owolabi, what does your friend do for a living? Is he a student?" She was obviously amazed at the grandeur she was seeing. 

"Why are you asking? He is a student, and we are coursemates. Is it because of his room? His father is very rich," I said teasingly, trying hard not to laugh. In my head, I thought this was a poor girl. 

Not like Ajide's father was poor but not as rich as I made it look, I'd lied. My plot was working. She had fallen for the material things. I had to make my next move.

What did I do? Chill for Part 3. Thanks for reading!


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