4 Reasons Why We Should Stop Killings Snakes

4 Reasons Why We Need To Stop Killing Snakes Incessantly

4 Reasons Why We Need To Stop Killing Snakes Incessantly 

I know many Nigerians don’t like the sight of snakes, and whenever we see snakes, we want to kill them and used for food. Many of us see snakes as the number one enemy of humanity. People generally believe all snakes are dangerous, so to stop humans from getting hurt is by killing all the snakes that come close to humans. How did we all forget that snakes are among the animals that help keep our natural ecosystem balanced?

In recent times, killing snakes seems to be the new cool. Many people derive joy in killing snakes and other animals. Why can’t we all learn to live with snakes? Who knows? Maybe, soon our lives may depend on snakes.

Below are 4 reasons why we should stop killing snakes

1. Snakes Do Not Just Attack Humans

Truly, some snakes are one of the most dangerous animals on planet earth because they possess potent venoms that could cause death to humans in seconds. But generally, snakes do not just attacks humans on sight, unless they are startled or attacked. Most snakes will crawl into hiding at the sight of humans. So, why do we hunt and kill these gentle animals?

2. Snakes Could Be Life Savers Soon

Researchers have started carrying out studies on snake venoms to use as a treatment for cancers, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failures, kidney problems, anti-ageing drugs, and even to create painkillers that would be stronger than morphine.

3. Snakes Help Keep the Rodents Population and Insect in Control

We all know snakes love to feed on mice, rats, and other small mammals that can destroy crops on our farmlands or our properties. Without snakes, these rodents may have completely overrun us. Do you remember the last disease outbreak, Lassa fever that was distributed by rats? Snakes feed on bugs and insects as well, they serve as pest control. Many of these insects and bugs are extremely dangerous to us, so why kill snakes who are indirectly our saviours?

4. Snakes Serve as Food to other Animals

There are many species of birds that depend on snakes for food. These birds are capable of killing and eating many types of snakes. The birds include Owls, Raptors, Eagles, Hawks, Honey badgers, and the notorious mongoose. So, without snakes, how would these birds survive?

Humans, Africans and Asians especially are fond killings too much of animals for food. Not only snakes, but other endangered species of animals should be spared so that our environments can continue to be balanced. Whichever way, please keep poisonous snakes away from your home and kids!