See Damages That Can Occur To The Teeth If Used To Open Bottles

Why Do Nigerians Open Bottle with their Teeth? Damages this can cause

Why Do People Enjoy Opening Bottle with their Teeth?

Why do we Nigerians like to open bottle corks with our teeth? It is not like Nigerians have the best set of teeth or the strongest, and not many have ever visited the dentists in their entire life, so why do we do it? The Late indigenous rapper, Dagrin, once had a popular line in his ‘Pon Pon’ hit song where he chastised Nigerians by saying, “Emi omo Naija, mo ma fi eyin si Pepsi”, which means “I am a Nigerian, and I open bottles with my teeth.”

Damages that can occur to the teeth if used to open bottles:

Is this some kind of super powers we Nigerians possess? Or are we just being ignorant of the damage this act can do to our teeth? 

1. Opening of bottles with the teeth can crack open your teeth, 

2. get the cusps of your tooth fractured, 

3. cause severe tooth breaks,

4. split your tooth, 

5. and get it all dislodged too.

Why would you want to risk your teeth getting all these damages when you can always use a bottle opener? If you have no bottle opener, why not just buy canned drinks instead? There are also plastic bottles of various drinks available everywhere in Nigeria where you just unscrew the bottle cover.

Consider these facts; plastic and canned drinks are more convenient, environmentally friendly, more portable, and easier to transport than the glass bottled ones. So, use bottle openers and don’t damage your teeth or just take your drinks in plastic or cans. Stay safe and healthy.