Facebook to Commence Crackdown on Spam and Low-Quality Content Websites

Facebook to Commence Crackdown on Spam and Low-Quality Content Websites

Good or bad? Facebook to Commence Crackdown on Spam and Low-Quality Content Websites

On Wednesday, Facebook Inc. announced plans to begin cracking down on links to "low-quality" web pages as part of the company's plan to show people "fewer misleading posts, and more informative posts." Facebook will start this by ascertaining the ratio of ads to actual content; a page with too many ads and not enough original text or images is considered spam.

If a website's ads are "disruptive, shocking, or malicious," Facebook will make sure fewer people can see and click on it. Though, the company explained that the links aren't being banned; if you post one it will still appear on your wall but their news feed ranking will drop and they will be seen by far fewer people if anyone at all. 

The changes will happen over the next few months, and Facebook says it could mean a boost in traffic for publishers that produce quality content.


Editor's note: As a publisher, what do you think? Considering that many of us site owners and bloggers depend on Ads like Google AdSense, Content.ad, Media.net and a host of others to generate substantial revenue from our sites, and with no exception to how many Ad units can be placed on site pages, don’t you think Facebook could push us further down?

In recent times, I have always wondered what Facebook feeds algorithms is like because many of the posts I personally post on my own page feeds and other pages and groups get pushed down and only a few people get to see it. Facebook traffic has been dropping, and with this new development, this means that the web and blog publishers have to do more to create quality contents, reduce Ads units, carry out paid Facebook Ads, or forget Facebook.

Can we forget Facebook? With two billion people reportedly on that social networking site, we all need to do better! Facebook traffic to websites is key!


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