My Heart Bleeds For You Young Lady (Nigerian Soldiers and Oppression)

My Heart Bleeds For You Young Lady (Nigerian Soldiers and Oppression)

This is not a fictional story. It happened in real life, but I got to the scene few minutes after the Nigerian soldiers had done their bad deeds. The most painful thing is that I do not have ‘picture or video’ evidence; else this report would have way much better. You don’t have to believe me anyways. So, what happened? Why does my title carry Nigerian soldiers and oppression?

My heart bleeds for this lady. From the reports I gathered from anonymous witnesses, this lady was in a hotel around Agric, Owutu area of Ikorodu chilling with her friends. Someone met her inside the hotel and tricked her that her attention was needed outside for a hookup (to be frank, the young lady was a hooker). When she got outside, the Nigerian soldiers who were stationed in the area (Agric, Owutu, Ikorodu) descended on her heavily. What was her offence?

I gathered she wore a white gown that had a camouflage-like design that laced the down part of the gown. She was not only beaten heavily, the soldiers got her naked by taking the gown off her openly, right in front of the hotel. There was nobody to beg for her. She was wearing no bar; so literally, this young lady grabbed her breasts and cried bitterly right in front of passersby.

If we all agree that it was a crime to wear camouflage dresses in Nigeria, in the case of this lady, would it not have been better for her to be beaten and sent back home to change instead of getting her naked? Why are the Nigerian soldiers mean to ordinary people? Are they themselves not Nigerian?

In recent news, there is the case of the Nigeria Air force invading UNIOSUN, and just today, news of students beaten black and blue by men of the Nigerian army during a SUG election in Bauchi is everywhere. Aren’t these Nigerians getting paid with Nigeria’s taxpayers’ money? To think these elements are never owed salaries like the common civil servants, yet they come into town, bully other road users and maltreat other civilians as if we imported them to fight for and protect Nigeria.

This is unfair. This is inhumane. Soldiers should protect the country’s citizens, not become their nemesis. We shouldn’t be enemies; we should not avoid the people who are to protect us. Why is it that we do things in Africa as if we are still in the Stone Age?

A young lady wore a dress with a little camouflage-like design; she got beaten and openly disgraced. A lady oh! And yet, we go around preaching against violence against women and children. I am sad to be a Nigerian when things like this occur, especially when I know the victims personally. Uneducated soldiers that get paid with nice incentives will just be beating professors around town, all for what?

When will civilians be safe from soldiers’ violent menace in Nigeria? We are under a democratic government, and yet soldiers act as if they were forced or abducted from their homes to defend the country. We apply for civil jobs just like they apply to get into the Army. How come they get trained and become small gods? I am sad, and I can’t stop thinking about the pain this lady must still be in. Who can fight for her? The least I can do is pen down my own pain right here. My heart bleeds for you.

Dear Nigerian soldiers, stop the bully, brutality, and oppression. We are all Nigerians!


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