11 Things You Should Never Put on Your Facebook Page

 11 Things You Should Never Put on Your Facebook Page

11 Things You Should Never Put on Your Facebook Page

Do you know there are some certain things that should never be on your Facebook page? What type of things do you post on your Facebook wall and what do you have on your Facebook profile? Do you just put anything and everything? You need to be careful about what gets on your Facebook page. An ethical hacker has warned that if you keep posting too much excessive private things on Facebook, you could lose a lot of money or even your life.

The type of things that should not get on your Facebook page include the sort of details may people use for their passwords; maiden names, first pet and name, or their favourite music album or sports team, all of which seem innocent and harmless when in the context of a personality list.

Below is a list of some of the things you should never put on your Facebook page:

1. Photographs of your children

While this might seem like the best thing to do, showing off your beautiful kids to your friends, putting up photos of your children can expose them to paedophiles and kidnappers. And come to think of it, what sort of pictures will your young ones like to see about themselves online later on in life when they grow up?

2. Phone number

If you are a business person that needs customers to contact you from Facebook, you can have your business phone lines public. But your private numbers should be private. Revealing your personal phone numbers could lead to unnecessary phone calls, stalking or even having yourself exposed to scammers.

3. Birthday

Your date of birth is one sure way hackers and scammers can access your other online profiles, bank account, and other personal details, once they can also like to your name and address. Maybe you want people to send you messages on your birthday, leaving out your birth date isn’t that bad, but make sure to exclude the year of birth, and only use day and month.

4. Location

Like many other social networking sites, Facebook also exhibits the use of location, which has been made easier with the location services available on Android and iOS.  People can know your specific location when you post an update and chat with them. Make sure to turn off your location.

5. Lot of friends

Facebook may be a social networking site, but there are no advantages of fully using the friends’ list maximum of 5,000. The reality is that you only know a few of these people outside Facebook, and with thousands of friends, you are only exposing yourself to unwanted and unnecessary information and interaction. You should prune your list, and if you feel you need to connect to a lot of people, maybe as a celebrity, important person, or a business person, you should start a Facebook page or group. Here you can have followers and members where the only information you want them to see is what they get to see.

6. The school or training facilities where your child/young family members attend

Avoid revealing the name of schools your child attends on Facebook. Frequent and hardened offenders are constantly prowling the internet for such information, and this might put your kids at risk.

7. Adding your boss

There are numerous stories of people who have lost their jobs over Facebook posts that their boss saw. You should definitely be mindful of what you post, but to avoid the unnecessary unease about posting whatever, kindly remove your boss and maybe coworkers too. Your social network life can be dissociated from your work life as long as they are not related.

8. Relationship status

Relationships that are overly showcased on social networks are hard to conceal when there is a breakup. Relationships are better kept private, because frequently changing your relationship statuses (from ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’ or ‘married’) may make you feel worse than you already do after a breakup, especially when your friends start asking you questions about it.

9. When you are going on holiday

Different people are on Facebook, from burglars to assassins, etc. Dropping your holiday plans may attract burglars to your house when you are away.

10. ATM card pictures

Never post a picture that has your ATM cards in it. Identity fraudsters can grab your card details and defraud you.

11. Boarding pass pictures

Showing off boarding pass as a testament to a luxury life is the order of the day now, but this could have damning consequences as the barcode on the pass is unique to you alone. This barcode can be used to find the information you gave to the flight company.

Conclusion: There is an option on Facebook that let you set privacy for all your information and posts on your profile. You can choose to set to ‘only me’, ‘close friends’, ‘friends’, ‘friends of friends’, and ‘general public’. Be wise in the use of Facebook. Giving too much information can also lead to your Facebook account getting cloned and used for scamming your friends.


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