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DIY: How To Make Homemade Mosquito Trap

In some parts of the world, mosquitoes only turn up during the summer when the weather is warmer. But in many parts of Africa, during the summer/dry and raining season, mosquitoes are always everywhere. This may be due to the lack of proper mosquito control. Dirt and rubbish are left untreated in many slums in Africa, with little or no sewage control, poor drainage systems and no proper environmental sanitation. This blog post aims to show our readers how to make a homemade mosquito trap. And this is considered as one of the best homemade mosquito killers.
Have you noticed the Mosquitos are already out with full force? You can make a mosquito trap that really works. Below is how to make home remedy mosquito catcher help keep you and your family members or housemates from being a blood donor. Recipe for homemade mosquito trap: A. 1 cup (200ml) of water
B. 1/4 cup (60ml) of brown sugar
C. 1 gramme (1ml) of yeast
D. 2 litre bottle

How to make homemade mosquito catcher:
1. First, cut the plastic …

Antibacterial Soaps Are Harmful – New Study Reveals

According to 200 scientists and medics, Antibacterial soaps and gels are useless and may cause harm. The unanimity statement which was published in the scientific journal Environmental Health Perspectives also warns against the use of antimicrobial agents in food storage containers, exercise mats and paints.
Environmental health professors disclosed that ‘plain soap and water’ was the best way to protect against illness. The professors also mentioned that antibacterial products – some of which have been banned in the United States and are being sold out in other parts of the world – could cause harm to some consumers, especially pregnant women and those breastfeeding.
Dr Barbara Sattler, an Environmental health professor at the University of San Francisco, U.S., said: “People think antimicrobial hand soaps offer better protection against illness, but generally, antimicrobial soaps perform no better than plain soap and water.”
Just last year, America banned 19 different antimicrobial chem…

How To Prevent A Gas Explosion: 6 Essential Tips That Can Save Your Life

Fire hazards are very common in homes, factories, and public places. Out of these fire accidents that occur, gas explosions are one of the most common. So, do you know how to avoid a gas explosion? Do you use cooking gas in your home and would like to know the essential tips on how to prevent explosions? What causes gas explosions in homes? A gas explosion is mostly caused by gas leaks.
Do you know the signs of a gas leak? Do you know how to tell if there is a gas leak? The gas leak in house symptoms can be a hissing sound or smell of gas inside your home. Many questions people ask are can gas leak from stove? Yes, it could be from the stove or the gas cylinder itself. Can a gas leak cause an explosion? Yes, it can. Others ask gas leak in house what to do? Are you searching the web for how to know if there is a gas leak and want to know what happens if there is a gas leak? You are on the right page. Read on… Below are tips on how to prevent an explosion in the home, and/or how to respon…

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Eat Junk Foods Again

Some of us are too busy to hit the kitchen that junk foods are the only thing we can lay our hands on. This is because they are easily accessible, and some of them are so cheap but the number of harm they do to our body is unlimited. There is nothing better than eating well-cooked homemade foods and fruits. Like we all know, fruits are very essential to the body. Most junk is enhanced with sugar which probably makes you want to eat more but before you buy the next one, read this blog post thoroughly. Below are the reasons why you should never eat junk foods again:1. Risk of cancer
The inadequate fibre in junk foods is the main reason why its consumption is linked to an increased risk of cancers of the digestive system. A research published in European Journal of Cancer Prevention revealed that consuming too much of fast food that are high in sugar and fat can increase your chances of developing colorectal cancer. Another research from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle …

10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Too Much Of Instant Noodles

Are you one of those that can eat noodles anytime anywhere any day? Some, out of laziness or inability to prepare other types of foods will eat noodles more than once a day. This is bad on all levels because too much of noodles can be dangerous to the health. This post lists 10 reasons why you should stop eating too much of noodles.
1. Nutrient Absorption: Noodles is not good for children, most especially kids under 5 years old because it inhibits the absorption of nutrients.
2. Cancer: There is a particular ingredient used in the production of instant noodles called “Styrofoam’, which is a known cancer-causing agent.
3. Miscarriage: Women who eat too much of instant noodles during their pregnancy risks miscarriage, because it affects the development of the fetus.
4. Junk Food: Instant noodles are enriched with full of carbohydrates, but are deprived of vitamins, fibre and minerals. This makes instant noodles considered as a junk food, and we all know junk is bad for the body.
5. Sodium: …

If You Eat Fried Potatoes Two or More Times a Week, It Doubles Your Risk of An Early Death - New Study Claims

According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it says people who eat fried potatoes two or more times a week double their risk of an early death compared to those who avoid them. However, the researchers noted that eating potatoes that have not been fried was not linked to a similar early mortality risk.

The research tracked 4,440 people aged 45 to 79 over a period of eight years to study osteoarthritis. This research team decided to momentarily set aside the main issue of osteoarthritis and look at participants' consumption of potatoes.
So, the researchers divided study participants into subgroups based on how frequently they ate potatoes each week. Over the eight years, a total of 236 of the participants died. 
Analysing the data for each group, Veronese and his team found that those who ate fried potatoes two to three times each week doubled their chance of dying early compared to those who ate no fried potatoes.
French fries, potato chips, h…

10 Top Tips For Caring For Your Teeth

How To Care For Your Teeth
Children’s teeth are been destroyed by drinks. The Natural Hydration Council commissioned a survey that reveals that two in three drinks taken by primary school children are bad for their teeth, and that water accounts for only a quarter of liquids drunk by five to nine-year-olds, while plain milk makes up only 10 percent. ‘Diet’ fizzy drinks make up 30 percent of overall consumption. 
The Chief executive of an Oral Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter, said: “It’s important that people know that diet drinks can still be damaging to the teeth.
“Some of the ingredients used in producing many of them, such as phosphoric acid, citric acid and tartaric acid, can be damaging and lead to dental erosion.” 
Oral hygiene is important for our overall health, as tooth decay has been linked to heart disease.  With a lot of conflicting bits of advice on the internet, it can be difficult to know how best to care for your teeth.
Dr Richard Marques, a Celebrity dentist, known as &…

Can Ugu (Pumkpin Leaves) Serve As A Natural Blood Tonic? See Health Benefits Of Ugwu

Looking for the fastest Blood Tonic? Try Ugu leaves (Pumpkin leaves)The vegetable, Ugu or Ugwu (which is also called Fluted pumpkin or pumpkin leaves, and known scientifically as Telfairia Occidentalis) is a tropical vine plant found in West Africa, but appears mostly in its cultivated form in various parts of southern Nigeria. The vegetable are generally cultivated for its palatable and nutritious leaves, which are used mainly as vegetable and consumed in various forms. The seeds which are also nutritious and rich in oil are also used for cooking and to produce soap. This post will describe the benefits of Ugu or Ugwu leaves. Read on...
Ugu is one of the nice vegetables which are very low in calories, providing just 26 Cal per 100g and it is free of saturated fats and cholesterol. It has long been discovered that when its essential ingredients are not destroyed, it has the capacity to increase the red blood cells within a short period of time after consumption. The rate at which it in…

Energy Drinks: 3 Ingredients and Their Adverse Effects That Makes it Unsafe

Energy drinks and health
Energy drinks are a kind of beverage or liquid refreshment that provides mental and physical stimulation. Energy drinks contain a wide variety of ingredients, and many have a lot of side effects than other beverages which contain only caffeine.
The safety of these energy drinks is now a popular issue, as even kids and teenagers who are below the regulated age limit universally now consume it.
Below are the major energy drinks ingredients and their adverse effects:
1. Sugar
The American Heart Association (AHA) prescribes that the amount of added sugars you should consume in a day are;
Men: 150 calories per day (37.5 grammes or 9 teaspoons).
Women: 100 calories per day (25 grammes or 6 teaspoons).
The nutritional value of sugar in energy drinks averages at 27 grammes; this means if you consume two energy drinks, that is excess and can overload and damages your liver, tricks your body into gaining weight, causing you to eat more and develop insulin resistance. It also i…

7 Tips For First-time Parents to Prepare Financially for a Newborn Baby

Did you just have a baby or are you planning to have one? Is your first baby on the way? Congratulations! In the next few days, months, or years, your first offspring will be in your hands. You will be unable to control your joy and of course, you must have thought of all the sweet things you would do for your newborn.
This is why preparing for a baby takes a lot of work, rigid planning, and energy. For you to achieve your plans, you sure need money. So, whether you are a first time parent or planning to have one in the future, Ink and Pen’s Blog- Rapport Naija shares ways to financially prepare for a newborn especially if you are having a baby for the first time.
1. Start saving
Everybody knows having a baby means more financial responsibilities; it could double or triple. The best way to moderate the effect of this is to begin saving. Do not wait until you see your wife’s bulging belly before you start.
2. Set up a baby fund
Numerous banks have prepared packages for customers who want t…

7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Chewing Gum

Some of us are addicted to chewing gum daily. This is because many of us believe the mint or flavour in the gum help to prevent mouth odour. While this is true as there are positive benefits of chewing gum, there are also the negative sides that you should never ignore. This post is about the harmful impacts of chewing gum. Health Tips: Adverse Effects of Chewing Gum1. It makes you feel hungryChewing gum can stimulate your hunger pangs, thus increasing your desires for food. So, if you want to avoid feeling hungry, do not eat gum immediately after consuming food. This can also help put your weight in check.
2. It causes tooth damage
If you chew gum that contains sugar, you are exposing yourself to tooth decay. Also, sugar-free gums have the same effect as they still possess risks to your teeth. This is because sugar-free gum has acidic flavours and preservatives that may lead to tooth damage.
3. It leads to excess strain on your jaw
Jaw muscle imbalance can be triggered if you chew gum on …

Home Remedies To Stop Snoring

Health Tips: Ways To Stop SnoringWe all know snoring can be very irritating to those who are around us. People who snore are not even aware of it, and when they are told they snore, they vehemently deny it. “It is a big lie. I don’t snore…” they usually say. How do we know we snore if no one tells us? You should also know that Snoring is one of the symptoms of Sleep apnea which is a common disorder in which you have one or more pauses in breathing or shallow breaths while you sleep.
Sleep apnea is a far more serious sleep disorder with symptoms of snoring, breathing pauses or choking noises during sleep. Breathing pauses can last from a few seconds to minutes and they may occur 30 times or more in an hour. Usually, normal breathing then begins again, sometimes with a loud snort or choking sound.This post discusses snoring remedies.
Below are Snoring Solutions:1. Always clear your nostrilsIf your nostrils or nasal passages are always blocked when you got to sleep, it is 90% certain tha…

4 Important Health Signs You Must Never Ignore

Do you know how to tell if something is wrong with you? 
Do you recognize signs of an unhealthy body? Taking care of our health should be our number one priority, but unfortunately, this is not always the case, as we sometimes ignore many health signs that require urgent attention.
What do you do when you know something is wrong with your body?
Do you always feel like something is wrong with you but you don't know what? There are many symptoms you should never ignore. Maybe due to too much life pressure, we just look away and hope whatever is wrong with the body go back to where it came from. Sometimes, when we ignore some body signs, it could be a warning sign that could develop into a devastating condition that would become really hard to cure. This is one major reason why we should never ignore health signs.

What are signs of poor health? This blog post provides 4 health signs from your body that you must never ignore.
1. Pain After ExerciseIf you exercise often and you always feel…

All You Need To Know About Sudden Cardiac Arrest That Causes Death

Health Tips: Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Cardiac arrest occurs when the effective blood flow suddenly stops due to the inability of the heart to contract efficiently. Usually, some people may suffer from chest pain, nausea, or shortness of breath before it occurs. If it is not taken care of swiftly and immediately, it usually leads to sudden death.
Signs and symptoms of Cardiac Arrest:
Cardiac arrest is sometimes preceded by certain symptoms such as fainting, fatigue, blackouts, dizziness, shortness of breath, weakness, vomiting, and chest pain. The arrest may also occur with no warning. The symptoms also include the absence of breathing or loss of consciousness.
What are the major causes of Cardiac Arrest?
Coronary artery disease is the most common cause of cardiac arrest. Other less common causes are major blood loss, lack of oxygen, very low potassium, heart failure, and intense physical exercise.
A number of inherited disorders may also increase the risk including long QT syndrome. The in…