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Do You Know The Need Of Advertising For Your Modern Business?

The role of advertising in the modern business world cannot be downplayed. When done rightly, advertising can be a great tool to help businesses reach more customers easily and grow sales within a short period of time.
According to Steuart Britt, “doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. Only you know what you are doing, but nobody else does”. For a business to continue growing in existence, it needs steady patronage which should also result in optimum revenue.
There are various channels of advertising that a company can decide to apply in creating awareness for its product or service and attract customers. Depending on what is best for a business, major types of advertising that can be done are prints, handbills, commercials, billboards and even branding of cars. And now, the internet has provided a larger platform where businesses can leverage all the opportunities online to access customers that are local or thousands of miles away.
An advert that can…

Short Story: Fresher Girl (Part 4 - Final) Written By Akintobi Jimoh

Short Story: Fresher Girl (Final Part) 

Hi, readers. Thanks for reading my short stories. For Fresher parts, look here for Part1, Part2, Part 3

Have I mentioned what she even told my friend, Little Kessy? Little Kessy is one short gossiper I know who is a man. He never keeps his mouth shut, and you can imagine who he would've narrated the story to before he came to me. I was boiling and cursing at every word that escaped out my mouth. "The girl is a bastard!", I spluttered as Lil Kessy narrated on.

This is Kessy's narration: "Guy, I have been talking to this girl for some time now and I finally got her to visit me, and she agreed to sleep over. As were we getting in the groove, she then asked if I know you. I told her I know you well, and she then told me you asked her out. She said you were weak and liked her too much. That you always too sweet with her, but she just couldn't date me."


DIY: How To Make Homemade Mosquito Trap

In some parts of the world, mosquitoes only turn up during the summer when the weather is warmer. But in many parts of Africa, during the summer/dry and raining season, mosquitoes are always everywhere. This may be due to the lack of proper mosquito control. Dirt and rubbish are left untreated in many slums in Africa, with little or no sewage control, poor drainage systems and no proper environmental sanitation. This blog post aims to show our readers how to make a homemade mosquito trap. And this is considered as one of the best homemade mosquito killers.
Have you noticed the Mosquitos are already out with full force? You can make a mosquito trap that really works. Below is how to make home remedy mosquito catcher help keep you and your family members or housemates from being a blood donor. Recipe for homemade mosquito trap: A. 1 cup (200ml) of water
B. 1/4 cup (60ml) of brown sugar
C. 1 gramme (1ml) of yeast
D. 2 litre bottle

How to make homemade mosquito catcher:
1. First, cut the plastic …

Antibacterial Soaps Are Harmful – New Study Reveals

According to 200 scientists and medics, Antibacterial soaps and gels are useless and may cause harm. The unanimity statement which was published in the scientific journal Environmental Health Perspectives also warns against the use of antimicrobial agents in food storage containers, exercise mats and paints.
Environmental health professors disclosed that ‘plain soap and water’ was the best way to protect against illness. The professors also mentioned that antibacterial products – some of which have been banned in the United States and are being sold out in other parts of the world – could cause harm to some consumers, especially pregnant women and those breastfeeding.
Dr Barbara Sattler, an Environmental health professor at the University of San Francisco, U.S., said: “People think antimicrobial hand soaps offer better protection against illness, but generally, antimicrobial soaps perform no better than plain soap and water.”
Just last year, America banned 19 different antimicrobial chem…

5 Clear Signs Your Husband Is Cheating On You

Are you currently undergoing turbulent times in a love relationship with your spouse? Do you think you have a cheating spouse? This blog post will show you signs of a cheating spouse and how to know if he is cheating. There are many physical signs if he is cheating that you can pick up.
Hopefully, this blog post can show wives sure signs of infidelity. If you can discover physical signs of infidelity in your man, then you need to hurry and do something right so you can prevent yourself from a sudden heartbreak or STD.
The following are the 5 signs your man is cheating:
1. If he stops eating your food: when your husband suddenly no longer find your food appealing, even when it is obvious you went out of your own way to prepare his best meal, then that may be a definite sign he is cheating. He probably stops by at his girlfriend or mistress’ house to have his belly fill first.
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2. No longer worries you for sex: if you have a husband that u…

9 Tips To Protect Your Smartphones From Being Hacked

You may believe because your smartphones are safely kept in your pocket or bags, it cannot be hacked, but the truth is that it still risks catching a virus or exposing your data and information to hackers and thieves. This post will guide you on how block hackers from your phone.
We all that phones can be hacked remotely without hackers getting physical access to it. They do this to steal your personal information like pictures, credit card details, and so much more. Also, they may just infect your device with malware.
The questions many smartphone users ask are: “Can someone hack my phone and read my texts? Can someone hack my phone camera? Can someone hack my phone through WhatsApp? Can someone hack my phone by calling me? Can my iPhone be hacked through Wi-Fi? Can my phone be hacked via text message? Can someone hack into my phone and send text messages?”
Truly, all these above-mentioned questions are possible. Your phone number is all a hacker needs to read your text messages, list…

Short Story: Fresher Girl (Part 3) Written By Akintobi Jimoh

Short Story: fresher Girl (Part 3)Refresh your mind (or if you completely missed the 1st and second parts), Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.

After Tara became perplexed with Ajide's nice room, she began to ask more about him. I wasn't ready for all the Ajide talk, all I wanted was to know Tara better.

She sat with us in the corridor, we had a little more general chat, and later, when she finished her soft drink while myself and Ajide were boozing, she asked to leave, saying she needed to cook and sleep early, so she could up early for the next day's school work. I escorted and made her promise to visit me soonest again.

Two days later, I was at Ajide's and had to call Tara to show up again.  This time, she readily accepted. As soon as she confirmed she was on her way, my friend and I plotted how to get her in the kitchen to prepare food. We were really hungry, and cooking is not one of my best chores. Ajide's kitchen wa…

6 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Second Hand Phones

Are you one of those that are always looking to buy second hand phones online? There are many online stores like OLX and Jiji that sell used cell phones. Many Nigerians sell second phones, but do you know why many do so? Not all the people who sell do so because they are broke; many put their phone for sale cheap because they have sensed a fault in it.
After reading this post completely, I am sure whenever you second-hand mobile phones for sale, you will turn your back on it. If you search Google trend, you will see a lot queries on “second hand phone shops near me, used phone stores near me, used cell phone stores near me, used phones for sale near me, buy used cell phones near me”, this shows that most people just enjoy buying cheap mobile phones, but there are a lot of disadvantages to this.
6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Patronise Secondhand Devices
1. Theft: This is popular around the world. Thieves target your cellphones, and when they are successful in stealing it, they unlock …

How To Prevent A Gas Explosion: 6 Essential Tips That Can Save Your Life

Fire hazards are very common in homes, factories, and public places. Out of these fire accidents that occur, gas explosions are one of the most common. So, do you know how to avoid a gas explosion? Do you use cooking gas in your home and would like to know the essential tips on how to prevent explosions? What causes gas explosions in homes? A gas explosion is mostly caused by gas leaks.
Do you know the signs of a gas leak? Do you know how to tell if there is a gas leak? The gas leak in house symptoms can be a hissing sound or smell of gas inside your home. Many questions people ask are can gas leak from stove? Yes, it could be from the stove or the gas cylinder itself. Can a gas leak cause an explosion? Yes, it can. Others ask gas leak in house what to do? Are you searching the web for how to know if there is a gas leak and want to know what happens if there is a gas leak? You are on the right page. Read on… Below are tips on how to prevent an explosion in the home, and/or how to respon…

Parenting: 15 Habits Your Child May Possess and Their Meanings

Are you a parent finding it hard to understand your child or children? Do you find some habits your child portrays that drive you nuts?
Are you struggling to keep your children in check? Do you have those stubborn kids that make you regret having them?
Have you looked inwards to see if the problems of your kids were initiated by you? What is parenting? According to Wikipedia, Parenting or Child rearing is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood. Parenting also refers to the aspects of raising a child aside from the biological relationship.
So, anybody can be a parent, from guardians to school teachers, but do you do it right? Do you steer these kids on the right part? Do you think you are harsh with the kids? Do they see you as a wicked person?
What is a good parent? A good parent is not trying to be the perfect parent. A good parent takes care of themselves so they can take very good care o…

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Eat Junk Foods Again

Some of us are too busy to hit the kitchen that junk foods are the only thing we can lay our hands on. This is because they are easily accessible, and some of them are so cheap but the number of harm they do to our body is unlimited. There is nothing better than eating well-cooked homemade foods and fruits. Like we all know, fruits are very essential to the body. Most junk is enhanced with sugar which probably makes you want to eat more but before you buy the next one, read this blog post thoroughly. Below are the reasons why you should never eat junk foods again:1. Risk of cancer
The inadequate fibre in junk foods is the main reason why its consumption is linked to an increased risk of cancers of the digestive system. A research published in European Journal of Cancer Prevention revealed that consuming too much of fast food that are high in sugar and fat can increase your chances of developing colorectal cancer. Another research from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle …

10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Too Much Of Instant Noodles

Are you one of those that can eat noodles anytime anywhere any day? Some, out of laziness or inability to prepare other types of foods will eat noodles more than once a day. This is bad on all levels because too much of noodles can be dangerous to the health. This post lists 10 reasons why you should stop eating too much of noodles.
1. Nutrient Absorption: Noodles is not good for children, most especially kids under 5 years old because it inhibits the absorption of nutrients.
2. Cancer: There is a particular ingredient used in the production of instant noodles called “Styrofoam’, which is a known cancer-causing agent.
3. Miscarriage: Women who eat too much of instant noodles during their pregnancy risks miscarriage, because it affects the development of the fetus.
4. Junk Food: Instant noodles are enriched with full of carbohydrates, but are deprived of vitamins, fibre and minerals. This makes instant noodles considered as a junk food, and we all know junk is bad for the body.
5. Sodium: …

7 Tips For Programmers Preparing For Boot Camps Like Andela

Are you a computer programmer preparing for boot camp? Or Are you preparing for Andela Bootcamp? This post list advice and tips for aspiring boot campers based on my Andela overall Boot camp experience. I just concluded my two weeks compulsory Andela boot camp, and it was the most challenging two weeks of my life. I learnt and applied knowledge, and became better. I was frustrated, angry and scared. I cried when I lost hope and I laughed when things went well. It was my first time experiencing such an exposure after four months of part-time coding. (I refer to my own experience part time because of lack of electric power supply and slow internet issues.)
I am going to give you some advice; I hope it helps you become better as a boot camper. This post is basically based on Andela Bootcamp experience. So, below are top tips for programmers preparing to hit boot camps around the country like that of Andela.
1. Read other people’s boot camp stories: Reading about other people’s experience …

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