13 Things That Do Not Break The Ramadan Fasting

Things That Do Not Break The Ramadan Fasting

Are you a Muslim, and do you observe Ramadan fasting? The Muslim faithfuls (Umma) are currently experiencing the period of Ramadan (Holy Month) where they fast daily! Ink and Pen's Blog - Rapport Naija bring you the things that do not break the fast in Ramadan:

1. To eat or drink something unintentionally.

2. A mosquito, fly or any other object going down the throat unintentionally.

3. Water entering the ears.

4. Dust or dirt going down the throat.

5. Swallowing one’s own saliva.

6. Taking an injection (Though, some argue that nutritional injections are forbidden, as it falls under food and drink.)

7. Applying of Surma (kohl) into the eyes.

8. Taking a bath to keep cool.

9. Rubbing oil (or cream) onto the body or hair.

10. To vomit unintentionally.

11. Applying Itr (perfume).

12. A dream which makes Ghusl wajib (bath, necessary) does NOT break the fast.

13. Brushing the teeth without toothpaste or powder, e.g. using a Miswaak, etc. (Although, it is argued that toothpaste can be used as long as it does not reach the throat - so during fasting, deep-throating the toothbrush should be avoided.

What is not permitted during fasting in Ramadan?

It is strongly not permitted to inhale the smoke of Lobban or incense whilst fasting. Smoking of cigarettes or inhaling its smoke is also forbidden. 

All other bad things like backbiting, fighting, gossiping, keeping malice, fornicating, etc. are not allowed. 

Ramadan Kareem! 


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