How I Made 13k YouTube Video Views and Got Google AdSense Approved in Less Than 10 Days with Zero Subscribers

How To Get YouTube Views Fast and How To Make Money With YouTube Channel

13K YouTube Video Views in Less Than 10 Days

Hello readers, I don’t really do blog/vlog tips like this, but I guess I would be doing this more often, as I am seeing some success in my blogging success. Are you looking for hot to get YouTube views fast? I am surprised myself to have made more than 13,000 YouTube video views in less than 10 days, got Video AdSense (channels monetization) approved, with just zero subscriber, and spent absolutely no dime. This post will detail my journey and tips for you to apply when you create your first YouTube channel, how to increase your YouTube views, how to get YouTube subscribers, and how to make money with your YouTube channel.

How I Made 13k YouTube Video Views and Got Google AdSense Approved in Less Than 10 Days with Zero Subscriber

So, how did this start? How did I get more than 13,000 YouTube video views with zero subscribers?

As soon as I began seeing a dramatic rise in my blog views (by employing the reposting method on forums like Medium, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Nairaland, which return quality backlinks to my site), I observed most news blog posts I publish with a video content, I had to copy embed codes and place in my blog, and never worry about whose channel is going to be getting the views- all I do credit the video publisher for using the video content. Then, I thought to myself, what if it is my own channel? Why can't I have my own channel with own videos?

This motivated me to open a YouTube channel, ‘RapportNaija TV’, exclusively to partner my news blog; Ink & Pen’s Blog- Rapport Naija. I proceeded to upload my first unique video- a video that had shot many weeks ago which was sitting idle in my phone. I gave the video a befitting story, posted on YouTube, and reposted (by embedding YouTube code) on a popular forum in my country, Nigeria. This content moved up to the front page material on the forum, Nairaland. Why did the story become popular? It was definitely because the story was catchy, and the video was interesting. There are over 1.8million registered members on Nairaland, and more than 60k members viewed the post, and this got me more than 4k video views in less than 14hours on YouTube. This was the moment I know I could win BIG with video contents on my own personal YouTube channel.

How I Made 13k YouTube Video Views and Got Google AdSense Approved in Less Than 10 Days with Zero Subscriber

How did I have my YouTube channel monetized with AdSense Video Ads?

The way my video content moved up on the forum’s front page is the same way contents are voted and pushed up on Reddit and other related social media platforms. Reposting of my blog contents on other forums/platforms with credible backlinks to my blog has quadrupled my blog views. This is offline SEO, and I advise you to try this same process. More than 4,000 views in less than 14hours- Wow! I was elated. While I was bragging about this to my friends on Facebook, one of them asked me, "Did you monetize it?" “Is this for real? I just got on YouTube not up to 24 hours, and you talking monetization? I am a rookie” I replied. I had once read somewhere that a video publisher on YouTube needs a certain number of channel subscribers and video views to get approved, so I got to do more research. I have contextual AdSense Ads on my blogs, so getting approved for verification on a Video channel shouldn’t be much of a big trouble.

I got back on YouTube and searched all the nook and crannies of my channel. Then, I stumbled on the monetization part in the channel features. “Why not give it a trial?” I thought to myself, there is no harm in trial. I was prompted to apply for a fresh Google AdSense or link to my existing AdSense. So, I linked it to my AdSense (which is also linked to AdMobs account), and the challenge was to reach 10,000 video views, before the channel will be reviewed and approved if it does not violate any YouTube and monetization policy. I was shaken, with no subscriber, how am I expected to reach 10,000 views so quickly? I may have got lucky with the first video that had already racked up 5k views at the time. I went back to the drawing board, searched my personal video collection and saw another video sitting idle too. Immediately I believed this was my ticket to 10k video views. I wrote a story that explains what really transpired in the video, and grabbed my VivaVideo for a proper video edition. When I was done, I posted on YouTube, and reposted on Nigeria’s most popular forum, Nairaland, also on Medium, and shared on Facebook.

Surprisingly it made the front page of Nairaland again, and this time around, it gathered more waves. 5k views in 24 hours! Wow, I added 3 more videos, applying the same process. One major thing I had to do was to edit the videos and place optimized video descriptions with specific keywords and tags (on-page SEO). Yeah you read that right, SEO apply and works on YouTube too, in fact, it is as important as that we apply on sites and blogs. Your title, tags, and descriptions must be optimized. The amazing event that happened after all these was that YouTube notified me that one of my videos had made Top 10 video trending list in Nigeria. When I looked, the latest video with 5k views video was on 7.2k views. No way! Wow! Dreams do come true! I didn't even have to promote YouTube video to make the high video views. 

Before I could say ‘jack’, my YouTube channel got approved for monetization in less than 10 days, and now, with only just one subscriber, after racking up more than 13k views. This is a trial that put to bed many things Pro-Vloggers had stated. I am not saying never listen to experts, but in your spare time, carry out experiments.

What next? How could I really make money from these YouTube views?

Well, this is the hardest part. The CPC is set just as it is for AdSense on sites and blogs. CPC is determined by video views, location of visitors, contents, keywords, and so much more. For Nigeria, it is one of the lowest in the world. I saw a Vlogger (video publisher) lament in writing that he had to get 600-1,000 video views to make $1. What? That's crazier than site/blogs AdSense, to think the adverts on video rolls out like the conventional Television Ads. However, as a data lover, I got into my YouTube channel video analytics. I discovered that 80% of my views had been from web embeds. The other 20% came from videos been played on YouTube. This will certainly not make much money because video embeds do not show Ads. The real work is now to get more channel subscribers, do SEO, and repost on other platforms to trigger views that would push videos to trending list on YouTube.


This was a fantastic experience for me because it was a complete DIY (do-it-yourself) exercise. There are no masters of anything without practice. Make sure to share your contents vigorously on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms like Medium, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and you can also promote on social bookmarking sites like ViralContentBee. If your contents are sure nice and unique, breakthrough will surely occur. Keep working hard and don't go about buying YouTube views that will not make your viewers return to your channel. Same goes for buying YouTube subscribers, invest wisely. However, you can promote your YouTube videos. Create content that increase YouTube subscriptions. 


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