Do You Know The Need Of Advertising For Your Modern Business?

  The Need Of Advertising To Modern Businesses

The role of advertising in the modern business world cannot be downplayed. When done rightly, advertising can be a great tool to help businesses reach more customers easily and grow sales within a short period of time.

According to Steuart Britt, “doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. Only you know what you are doing, but nobody else does”. For a business to continue growing in existence, it needs steady patronage which should also result in optimum revenue.

There are various channels of advertising that a company can decide to apply in creating awareness for its product or service and attract customers. Depending on what is best for a business, major types of advertising that can be done are prints, handbills, commercials, billboards and even branding of cars. And now, the internet has provided a larger platform where businesses can leverage all the opportunities online to access customers that are local or thousands of miles away.

An advert that can communicate and convince a potential customer, that makes a good first impression at contact is always the best to set up when a company is introducing a new product/service or when it sets high sales target and goals.

The importance of advertising in business is listed below:

1. Appealing To New Customers

An advert that enlightens potential customers in a resounding manner will easily win new ones as those with similar need will be prompted to try out the offered value.

2. Awareness

When a company runs adverts, it is creating an awareness which may cover an extensive range of the population. On many occasions, awareness creation has helped businesses to win customers and also earn referrals. A good example is when one experiences body pains; there is always a brand of popular pain reliever that people around will always prescribe to be taken.

3. Customer Retention

The level of confidence in your brand improves when your existing customers who are satisfied with the products you offered or services rendered are reminded continuously of your presence, and this also improves your customers’ loyalty.

4. Competitiveness

Advertisement enhances a company’s capability to convince potential customers that its product and/or service are of better quality than its close substitutes or competitors. This helps the company to compete favourably.

Conclusion: From the above-mentioned roles of advertising in the business world, we can see that there are many advantages of advertisement. Whether you a small and medium scale business owner or you are a startup entrepreneur, an advertisement is a major key in today’s world.


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