7 Tips For Programmers Preparing For Boot Camps Like Andela

7 Tips For Programmers Preparing For Boot Camps Like Andela

Are you a computer programmer preparing for boot camp? Or Are you preparing for Andela Bootcamp? This post list advice and tips for aspiring boot campers based on my Andela overall Boot camp experience. I just concluded my two weeks compulsory Andela boot camp, and it was the most challenging two weeks of my life. I learnt and applied knowledge, and became better. I was frustrated, angry and scared. I cried when I lost hope and I laughed when things went well. It was my first time experiencing such an exposure after four months of part-time coding. (I refer to my own experience part time because of lack of electric power supply and slow internet issues.)

My colleagues and I during my Andela Bootcamp Experience
My colleagues and I during my Andela Bootcamp Experience 
I am going to give you some advice; I hope it helps you become better as a boot camper. This post is basically based on Andela Bootcamp experience. So, below are top tips for programmers preparing to hit boot camps around the country like that of Andela.

1. Read other people’s boot camp stories: Reading about other people’s experience will aid your preparation for the things you might face.

2. Make friends as soon as possible: Everyone must be your friend; you never know who can help. No one wants to help a grumpy person; you just have to be friendly.

3. Be calm and patient: whenever you receive a task, the first thing you should do is read with all calmness because panic doesn’t help solve any problem. Talk to two or three people about it, they might have a different opinion about a project. That way, you all can know if to ask your facilitators if you are getting things right.

4. Before camp, build something: whenever you learn a new language, think of the possible little things you can build with that language. You can build a calculator or something more advanced. It helps you improve the way you think.

5. Relate your activities to your tasks: whenever you are introduced to a new topic, think of how it relates to what you are doing in boot camp and the overall effect it will have on your project.

6. Be Motivated: I could have given up plenty of times, but what will happen to be part of Andela on my journey to being a world class developer? Who will fulfil my dream of showing other sickle cell patients around the globe that being in tech is possible? That doing anything they want no matter how difficult it is possible? This was the drive that kept me motivated, you should have one too.

7. Don’t waste time on fixing a bug: (Read this carefully). If there is a bug everyone on the team can’t solve, then it’s better to start the project over.You have to save copies of your work so that you won’t need to stress yourself too much. Processes in building apps are sensitive. For example, in my case, “Sequelization” wasn’t properly done, and there was no other way to fix anything than to start all over. It became faster, clearer and easier.

Again, I repeat, try reading other people’s boot camp stories to get some other pieces of advice and tips. I wish you all the best.

Written By Adesina Oyindamola


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