6 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Second Hand Phones

6 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Second Hand Phones, Used Phones, Refurbished Phones

Are you one of those that are always looking to buy second hand phones online? There are many online stores like OLX and Jiji that sell used cell phones. Many Nigerians sell second phones, but do you know why many do so? Not all the people who sell do so because they are broke; many put their phone for sale cheap because they have sensed a fault in it.

After reading this post completely, I am sure whenever you second-hand mobile phones for sale, you will turn your back on it. If you search Google trend, you will see a lot queries on “second hand phone shops near me, used phone stores near me, used cell phone stores near me, used phones for sale near me, buy used cell phones near me”, this shows that most people just enjoy buying cheap mobile phones, but there are a lot of disadvantages to this.

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Patronise Secondhand Devices

1. Theft: This is popular around the world. Thieves target your cellphones, and when they are successful in stealing it, they unlock and resell it to other unsuspecting phone buyers. You may have unknowingly purchased a stolen phone and you will never know, but this could lead to your arrest, and you could be slapped with a phone theft charge. You should note that many secondhand phones that are referred to as UK used phones are also stolen phones.

2. No Warranty and Guaranty: Second hand phone buyers do not get any guarantee when they buy phones that are in good condition initially; neither do they have warranty in case of damages. Once you buy, that is the end. Whatever happens to the phone later is all your responsibility.

3. You May Spend More Money on Repairs: Sometimes, you end up with refurbished cell phones, and after using the second hand phone for a short time, you discover numbers of faults. Then you have to splurge out money for phone repair. Also, when you repackage your phone with a new charge, headset, glass screen protector, etc. you end up spending more money than you would have if you had purchased a brand new phone.

4. No Receipt: You could end up in a situation where highway search Police officers will request for the receipt of your phones. Since many secondhand phone sellers never issue receipts, this may pose a big problem if you're invited to provide evidence of ownership of the phone.

5. No Gifts/Freebies: Unlike when you acquire brand new phones, which may come with free memory cards, power banks, head set, selfie stick, etc., secondhand items have nothing of such.

6. Complete waste of Money: There are cases where second hand mobile phone buyers became victims of serious fraud. For the unlucky used phone buyers, they could end up with fake phones, spoilt and dead phones that are beyond repair and so much more.  The depression that can result from having wasted money on a used phone can be very severe.

Conclusion: If you are going to buy refurbished unlocked cell phones, UK used phones, or second hand phones, make sure you buy from standard sellers or stores that sell best used phones near you. Be wise. 


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