Short Story: Fresher Girl (Part 3) Written By Akintobi Jimoh

Short Story: Fresher Girl (Part 3) Written By Akintobi Jimoh

Short Story: fresher Girl (Part 3)

Refresh your mind (or if you completely missed the 1st and second parts), Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.

After Tara became perplexed with Ajide's nice room, she began to ask more about him. I wasn't ready for all the Ajide talk, all I wanted was to know Tara better.

She sat with us in the corridor, we had a little more general chat, and later, when she finished her soft drink while myself and Ajide were boozing, she asked to leave, saying she needed to cook and sleep early, so she could up early for the next day's school work. I escorted and made her promise to visit me soonest again.

Two days later, I was at Ajide's and had to call Tara to show up again.  This time, she readily accepted. As soon as she confirmed she was on her way, my friend and I plotted how to get her in the kitchen to prepare food. We were really hungry, and cooking is not one of my best chores. Ajide's kitchen was stocked with foodstuffs, but he never cooks too. The only cooking plot we employed was to invite ladies over, and they end up in the kitchen.

Tara arrived in the evening, and this time, she was fixated on Ajide. I sensed her focus on my friend and had to keep disrupting her, so she could focus on me. Eventually, we managed to pull the hungry-cook plot, and like many other girls, she fell for it.

By the time she finished cooking spaghetti, it was a bit late already, 8:30 pm. While she was cooking, I frequently visited her in the kitchen, engage her in a chat, touched her body while I gesticulated - trying to build up a feely-touchy system.

Eventually, she had to home, and I escorted her as usual.


A few weeks passed and I haven't met with Tara since our last meeting. I was getting frustrated, and I felt I really needed to get a strong statement from her, either she would be with me or not. I put it to her directly on the phone, and she asked, "how old are you?".

"Why do you ask? I am 24," I replied.

She then said: "You see, we are age mates, and I can't date my age mate. Owolabi, you are also in 400level, why do you want to date me? So, you can use me and run away. No".

Well, thinking about it right now, I am more pissed than I was at the time. Because a lot more thing about this 'Fresher Girl' unravelled. So, that was how my little hope of having a side Fresher chick got thrown under the SUG bus. I am a big boy and have had way more rejection from far more worthy bigger girls, so this wasn't much of a problem. I moved on.

I was sitting with my friends and neighbours in front of my hostel on a loving sunny Sunday afternoon. Tara walked passed us and she greeted me. She was walking away, then suddenly, she turned back and came to me.

"Owolabi, buy me Lacasera. I want to use it to eat. I am cooking," said Tara.

As a street-smart boy who doesn't want to be cheated on this street, I applied my street sense. If I didn't, I could be seen as a weakling and end up getting ridiculed by the crocodile monitoring eyes on the people sitting beside me.

"Tara, Lacasera soft drink isn't the problem. I can buy you a full pack. But the thing is, I can only do that if you come visit me right here, not that I would just hand you the drink and you walk away," I ranted. Who does that? Take my Lacasera and bounce? It was never going to happen.

Tara face flushed with anger and she walked away. Who cares? I wasn't going to have you anyways, so you can as well vex and stop talking to me altogether. A Yoruba proverb says, "what business has a dog got with a lion?" A lion wants to eat the dog, and if the dog doesn't want to be eaten, then there's no business.


Words about Tara started flowing on the streets. My ears were open to all. Rumours (or facts) were coming to me from different angles. "Tara was with Bebe the Tailor, and they were spotted smooching." (Bebe who run a tailoring business opposite my hostel was notorious womaniser) "Musa slept over at Tara's room last night. They must have something going on...", more and more stories like this got me more infuriated and I couldn't stand the sight of the Fresher Girl any longer.

I crossed paths with Tara on many occasions but we both act like we have never met before. We acted like complete strangers, but personally, for me, she was more than that. I saw her as my sworn enemy. I disliked her the more I see her. Whenever she's around any spot I was, the way she talks and carried herself irritated me. It was as if she did it on purpose just to spite me. It got the point I started making her know through my words and actions that I don't fuck (excuse my French) with her no more.

I thought I have heard it all about her new found frolicking ways when a close pal of mine came to narrate all she said to him while they were both in the mood on the bed together. Who would have thought Tara would be in bed with my friend who was also a final year student and lived just two hostels away. "How did I get myself in this mess that a bloody fresher girl now chews talks of me in her mouth when she was getting down with someone else?" I thought silently to myself.

There are many a time that I have thought about harming girls who hurt me directly, and that moment was one of them. I can authoritatively say I hated her. "I asked for a relationship, you turned me down, and then started talking about me to others! How many people has she told?" All these thoughts were running in my head and I brewed with anger. Think of me as that Mortal combat character, Lui Keng. My eyes could spit fireballs like his and it would be a fatality.

To be continued in Part 4 (Concluding Part)


Thanks for reading. Part 4 is ready and just waiting to be dropped. That would be the concluding part, and I can assure you, it is very bad and raunchy. It is a must read. 


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