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Do Not Eat Roasted Plantain And Suya Because They Can Cause Cancer – SOGHIN Warns Nigerians

Health News: Nigerians have been advised to go for periodic medical screening, especially for colon cancer, which is said to be a massive burden on the country, as it is common among people above 40.
The President, Society for Gastroenterology and Hepatology in Nigeria President, Professor Musa Borodo, gave this warning at a press briefing commemorating the 10th Scientific Conference and Annual General Meeting of the association in Ado Ekiti.
Borodo warned that diseases such as colorectal cancer, liver cancer, helicobacter pyloris and other infections that occur in the gastrointestinal tract, are usually not easy to detect when looking out for signs and symptoms.
And when the symptoms are obvious they are often too late to treat. According to him, about 10 percent of people in Nigeria are suffering from Hepatitis B – a viral infection – which he warned could lead to cancer, if not properly treated.
“This (Hepatitis B) is something that can be prevented, if you don’t treat it, it could bec…

HIV: Vaginal Ring For HIV Prevention To Be Tested In Africa After Trials In America

Health News: According to a study that was presented at the 9th International AIDS Society conference in Paris, it reveals that after recording success amongst teenage girls in the US, plans are in progress to test a vaginal ring that prevents HIV infection, in Africa.
The ring is reported to contain an antiretroviral drug called dapivirine and is used for a month at a time.
Dapivirine inhibits HIV’s reverse transcriptase enzyme, a protein vital to HIV’s ability to replicate and cause an infection.
Each intravaginal ring contains one or more microbicides that are intended to be delivered into the vaginal compartment at a high concentration and to be directly absorbed by the cells and tissues.

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The flexible ring, which sits on the cervix, is said to cut infection by 56 percent.
Its usage gives women the freedom to protect themselves without relying on men to wear condoms.

See what a new study says about love making satisfa…

Prevention Of Cancer Disease: 8 Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Getting Cancer

We all know cancer is one of the most deadly diseases that humans are afflicted with, based on its symptoms and mortality rates. In most scenarios, patients who are plagued with cancer capitulate to the disease because of the side effects which can be very fatal.
Cancer disease is a situation where there is an abnormal multiplication of cancerous cell in the body. These cancerous cells eventually destroy the body tissues and organs. Some of the most common types of cancer are breast cancer, blood cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, lung cancers, and skin cancer among a few others. 
It is no secret that cancer treatments are administered to patients, but it is still a dangerous disease which is capable of killing the persons suffering from it gradually and eventually. Certain kinds of cancer are extremely hard to treat. The main cause of cancer is said to be dependent on a person’s lifestyle. This means the healthier a person’s lifestyle is, the lower the chances of the person gettin…

Child Treated For HIV At Birth Remains Virus-Free Years After Final Treatment – Washington Post

Health News: According to Washington Post, a South African boy, who is believed to have been infected with HIV around the time of his birth, has remained free of the virus for 8 years and 6 months after early treatment — renewing hope among scientists that such outliers may hold clues to help end the decades-old epidemic.
The case study, described by researchers before a presentation on Monday at an international AIDS conference in Paris, suggests a paradigm shift in the treatment of those infected. It establishes that HIV may be controllable in some way other than a daily and lifelong regimen of antiretroviral drugs.
“This is really the first step toward HIV remission and a cure,” said Deborah Persaud, a virologist at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore. “Understanding the factors that came into play to lead to this outcome is really going to inform science.” Read also: PEP – The Cure For HIV
Out of the millions of children worldwide who are HIV-positive, the boy, now 9, is one …

Night Driving: 5 Tips To Drive Safely During The Night

Do you drive in the night? I am sure you are aware of the many dangers of driving at night.
Traveling by driving at night is risky; and there are some certain occasions when you just can’t avoid it.
In situations like this, there are some nights driving safety tips to be aware of so as to help keep you safe and protected throughout the night journey.
Below are the 5 safety tips for driving at night:
1. Use Defensive Driving Techniques
It is important to be very preventive when driving at night because you never know when another driver on the road might just, out of negligence and ignorance, get himself in a dangerous driving situation that you don’t want to be anywhere near. It’s also advisable not to tail another car when traveling at night. See infographic on how to carry out defensive driving at night below:

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2. Avoid Drivers Who Swerve Or Drift
Many drivers drink and drive, and when intoxication or drowsiness sets in, some drivers can t…

Nine Lifestyle Changes Could Reduce Dementia Risk – The Lancet

Health news: Maintaining good hearing, exercise, education and social activity were listed among the ways to prevent memory loss, study finds.
Researchers have found that one third of dementia cases could be prevented with some basic lifestyle changes and better education during childhood.
According to the study published in The Lancet on Thursday, July 20, 2017, the nine factors which damage the brain include hearing loss, obesity and smoking.
Almost 50 million people around the world suffer from dementia and Alzheimer's, and this figure could balloon to 132 million by 2050, according to the latest estimates.
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Nine Surefire Ways To Reduce Dementia 1. Maintain good hearing2. Complete secondary education
3. Stop smoking
4. Reduce depression5. Exercise
6. Social activity
7. Treat high blood pressure
8. Healthy weight9. Treat Type 2 diabetes
Dementia, which is caused by physical changes in the brain, leads to memory loss…

See List Of 42 Banned Anti-Malaria Drugs Still Sold In Nigeria; Artesunate, Alaxin, And Camoquin Listed!

Health News: The Nigerian Senate has listed about 42 anti-malaria drugs that have been banned in Europe but are still being sold in hospitals and pharmacies in Nigeria.

The lawmakers raised the alarm that all the forty two anti-malaria drugs were still being hoarded, sold and consumed in the country.
Hence, the Senate has mandated its Committee on Health (Secondary and Tertiary), led by Senator Olarewaju Tejuoso, to urgently carry out a holistic investigation into the matter and report back for further action.
Raising the motion earlier, Senator T.A Orji, Abia Central said, “The Senate notes that recently the European Union banned the sale and consumption of 42 Anti-Malaria Drugs in all countries within the European Union.
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“It notes that the 42 Anti-Malaria Drugs are: Alaxin 60mg tablet (dihydroartémisinine)B/8; Alaxin oral suspension (dihydroartémisinine) FL/80ml; Amodiaquine 200mg compressed B/1000; Amodiaquine 200mg compressed…

If You Want To Die Young, Do Not Read These Facts About Your Manhood

Do you know there are many ailments that could hamper the functions of a man’s manhood and lead to a shorter life? The many weaknesses of the manhood that could affect longevity of a man were discussed by Dr. Tobias Köhler, an associate professor of urology at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. Read all below:
Facts About Your Manhood That Could Cut Short Your Life
- A new study from The University of Mississippi says if you are incapable of getting and sustaining erection, you have a 70 percent increased risk for premature death.
- If you have erectile dysfunction, it is likely that you have poor cardiovascular health, says Dr. Tobias Köhler.
- So, if you’re unable to get hard, it’s often an early sign that your heart could be in trouble.
- Many men whose erectile dysfunction is caused by poor cardiovascular health end up having life-threatening heart problems such as a heart attack within the next five years, says Dr. Köhler.
- The vessels that carry blood to your penis …

After I Discovered These 3 Bad Health Impacts Of Using A Smartphone In The Dark, I Cringed!

3 Bad Health Impacts Of Using Your Smartphone In The DarkDo you use your smartphone late at night in your dark room before going to sleep?
Well, many of us are guilty of this, as we all like to fiddle with our phones in the dark. But, do you know that using the cell phone in the dark is dangerous to the health, most especially the eyes?
After I found out about the health impacts of this act, I made a vow never to do this again. Below are some of the effects of using your smartphone in the dark:
1. It causes temporary blindness: 
Using a smartphone in the dark is said to be harmful to your vision. A lot of people have been victims of this. A 40-year-old woman was reported to always lose her vision for 30 minutes every morning when she wakes up, and her Doctor confirmed that this was linked to using her phone always in the dark.
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2. It can lead to cancer in the eyes
Using a smartphone in the dark can cause eye cancer. A lot of publica…

New Studies States That Drinking More Coffee Leads To A Longer Life

According to two newly published studies published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, more consumption of coffee could lead to a longer life.
One study surveyed more than 520,000 people in 10 European countries, making it the largest study thus far on coffee and mortality, and found that drinking more coffee could meaningfully lower a person's risk of mortality.
The second study focused on non-white populations. After surveying over 185,000 African-Americans, Native Americans, Hawaiians, Japanese-Americans, Latinos and whites, the researchers found that coffee increases longevity across various races.
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Veronica Wendy Setiawan, associate professor of preventative medicine at USC's Keck School of Medicine, who led the study on nonwhite populations, said “people who drank two to four cups a day had an 18% lower risk of death compared with people who did not drink coffee. These findings are consistent with previous studies that had looked at majori…

5 Signs You Are Over Stressed (And You Just Do Not Know It)

What does it mean when the word overstressed is use? Overstressed meaning (dictionary) is when the human body is subject to too much physical or mental stress.
Do you feel like you are going through a lot in your life right now physically and mentally?
Are you getting too sick and tired of everything? It could just be that you are overstressed.
Stress is a usual part of the human life because many changes in your environment can affect changes in your body which have to adjust to in response.
Nevertheless, it is important to avoid overstressing your body. Sometimes when your body is overstressed, you not even be aware, as it could masks itself under certain symptoms.
Read more on the 5 signs that are evident when your body is overstressed below:
1. When Your Body is in Pain
Please, it is strictly important that you don’t ignore any type of pains in your body, especially those that are persistent. Under a high level of stress, your body starts to break down and you are likely to experience c…

Learn All About How To Take Care Of A Newborn Baby From This Paediatrician

Hey there! Are you interested in knowing about newborn parenting or how to nurse a newborn baby? If you are about to begin on this journey, then I can guide you as a paediatrician. As infants are very susceptible to different attacks, you should know about how to properly take care of newborn babies.
As a doctor, my first recommendation is to get a healthy newborn baby.  A mother should be very much alert during pregnancy time. After the birth of a newborn baby, the responsibility to take care of the baby can go to all other family members along with the mother.

Let Us Check Out How To Manage A Newborn Baby
Do not hesitate to ask for help:
After delivery, it is tough for a mother to look after baby thoroughly. This is because many mothers have to pass through C-Section and it takes almost one week to recover. So, at this time, if other relatives or friends offers to help, I strongly suggest you accept that. Because it is the most required at this time. If you have grandma or baby caregiv…