5 Signs You Are Over Stressed (And You Just Do Not Know It)

5 Signs You Are Over Stressed (And You Just Do Not Know It)

What does it mean when the word overstressed is use? Overstressed meaning (dictionary) is when the human body is subject to too much physical or mental stress.

Do you feel like you are going through a lot in your life right now physically and mentally?

Are you getting too sick and tired of everything? It could just be that you are overstressed.

Stress is a usual part of the human life because many changes in your environment can affect changes in your body which have to adjust to in response.

Nevertheless, it is important to avoid overstressing your body. Sometimes when your body is overstressed, you not even be aware, as it could masks itself under certain symptoms.

Read more on the 5 signs that are evident when your body is overstressed below:

1. When Your Body is in Pain

Please, it is strictly important that you don’t ignore any type of pains in your body, especially those that are persistent. Under a high level of stress, your body starts to break down and you are likely to experience chest pains, stomach problems like diarrhoea, ulcer, palpitations, tense muscles, body aches, or even headaches. See common types of headaches you should never ignore here.

2. Not getting Enough Sleep

Too much stress can be another cause of instabilities in sleep patterns, either sleeping too due to exhaustion or insomnia. Daily proceedings tend to be played out in our subconscious mind and if we stress and worry throughout the day, it may ultimately affect our sleep patterns. Stress hampers a peaceful state of mind and when there is too much stress; your sleep is one of the first things that get affected. Read about tips to cure sleeplessness (insomnia)

3. Restlessness and Inability to Relax

Stress fuels the body in such a way that you could have difficulty getting settled after about 20 minutes of physical exertion, and this is often a sign your body is becoming overstressed. Also, if nervousness or too much of excitement seems to be a constant feature in your life and you can’t seem to relax, this could be a very likely sign you are overstressed. You should immediately attempt to correct whatever it is that makes you not to relax. This is because the things we ignore could get so chronic until all other areas of the body start to suffer too. See Top 10 bad habits that affect the body.

4. Crave For Excessive Sugar and Junk Foods

Stress has a tendency to drain the body’s energy resources sharply, and if you find yourself persistently craving for raw sugar foods and junk food for a quick boost of energy, then this may be a sign your body is overstressed. See reasons why you should never eat junk food again.

5. Rampant Mood Swings

The human mental health gets affected when stress levels increase. Too much of stress could affect your hormones and leave you feeling ecstatic one moment and furious the next. At this point, it is imperative to practice stress management techniques or talk to an expert about the issues that cause your stress. If do not pay attention to this condition, it can lead to anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, addictions and other mental health issues, as well as hurting your relationships with others.

Conclusion: We live in a fast world, and we are constantly moving from one place to another, either for food, safety, or other things that matter to us. In doing this, we may encounter too much of obstacles that leave the body overstressed. When this happens, all we need to do is take some steps back, relax, and just let things take care of themselves. Most times, the things we worry about are things that are not within our capability. Remember that health is wealth.

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