See List Of 42 Banned Anti-Malaria Drugs Still Sold In Nigeria; Artesunate, Alaxin, And Camoquin Listed!

See List Of 42 Banned Anti-malaria Drugs Still Sold In Nigeria. Artesunate, Alaxin, Camoquin Listed!

Health News: The Nigerian Senate has listed about 42 anti-malaria drugs that have been banned in Europe but are still being sold in hospitals and pharmacies in Nigeria.

The lawmakers raised the alarm that all the forty two anti-malaria drugs were still being hoarded, sold and consumed in the country.

Hence, the Senate has mandated its Committee on Health (Secondary and Tertiary), led by Senator Olarewaju Tejuoso, to urgently carry out a holistic investigation into the matter and report back for further action.

Raising the motion earlier, Senator T.A Orji, Abia Central said, “The Senate notes that recently the European Union banned the sale and consumption of 42 Anti-Malaria Drugs in all countries within the European Union.

“It notes that the 42 Anti-Malaria Drugs are: Alaxin 60mg tablet (dihydroartémisinine)B/8; Alaxin oral suspension (dihydroartémisinine) FL/80ml; Amodiaquine 200mg compressed B/1000; Amodiaquine 200mg compressed B/1000; Arinate 100mg tablet (artésunate) B/6; Arinate 50mg tablet (artésunate) B/6; Arsumax 50mg tablet (artésunate) B/12; Artemax 60mg tablet (dihydroartémisinine) B/8; Artémédine 40mg capsule (artemether) B/12; Artémédine 50mg tablet (artemether) B/12; and Artenam 50mg tablet (artemether) B/14.

“Also on the list are Artenam 60mg tablet (artemether) B/8; Artésiane 300mg child powder oral suspension (artemether) FL/38g; Artésunate 100mg compressed B/120; Artésunate 50mg tablet B/120; Artexin 60mg tablet (dihydroartémisinine) B/8; Camoquin 200mg tablet (amodiaquine) B/9; Camoquin 200mg tablet (amodiaquine) B/25 blisters.”

Others include: Camoquin 200mg tablet (amodiaquine) B/55 blisters; Camoquin 200mg tablet (amodiquine) B/24; Camoquin 600 mg tablet (amodiaquine) B/3; Camoquin oral suspension 50mg/ 5ml (amodiaquine) FL/60ml; Cotecxin oral suspension (dihydroartémisinine) FL/80ml; Cotecxin 60mg tablet (dihydroartémisinine) B/8; Daraprim tablet (pyriméthamine) B/30; and Falcinil 50mg tablet (artésunate) B/12.

The list of drugs against malaria removed from the market in the European Union

The under listed drugs have been proven to be dangerous and are the origin of kidney failure that kills spontaneously. Listed are designation, form unit and laboratory manufacturer of these drugs.

1. Alaxin 60mg tablet (dihydroartémisinine) B / 8 gvs labs

2. Alaxin oral suspension (dihydroartémisinine) FL / 80ml gvs labs

3. Amodiaquine 200mg compressed B / 1000 cipla

4. Amodiaquine 200mg compressed B / 1000 mannesh

5. Arinate 100mg tablet (artésunate) B / 6 dafra Pharma

6. Arinate 50 mg tablet (artésunate) B / 6 dafra Pharma

7. Arsumax 50 mg tablet (artésunate) B / 12 Sanofi - Aventis

8. Artemax 60 mg tablet (dihydroartémisinine) B / 8 g.a Pharmaceuticals

9. Artémédine 40 mg capsule (artemether) B / 12 kunmung

10. Artémédine 50 mg tablet (artemether) B / 12 kunmung

11. Artenam 50 mg tablet (artemether) B / 14 qualifar

12. Artenam 60 mg tablet (artemether) B / 8 qualifar

13. Artésiane 300 mg child powder oral suspension (artemether) FL / 38g dafra Pharma

14. Artésunate 100mg compressed B / 120 dafra Pharma

15. Artésunate 50 mg tablet B / 120 dafra Pharma

16. Artexin 60 mg tablet (dihydroartémisinine) B / 8 bdh industries

17. Camoquin 200mg tablet (amodiaquine) B / 9 Pfizer

18. Camoquin 200mg tablet (amodiaquine) B / 25 blisters / 3 Pfizer

19. Camoquin 200mg tablet (amodiaquine) B / 55 blisters / 9 Pfizer

20. Camoquin 200mg tablet (amodiquine) B / 24 Pfizer

21. Camoquin 600 mg tablet (amodiaquine) B / 3 Pfizer

22. Camoquin oral suspension 50mg / 5ml (amodiaquine) FL / 60ml Pfizer

23. Cotecxin oral suspension (dihydroartémisinine) FL / 80ml cotec

24. Cotecxin 60 mg tablet (dihydroartémisinine) B / 8 cotec

25. Daraprim tablet (pyriméthamine) B / 30 GlaxoSmithKline

26. Falcinil 50mg tablet (artésunate) B / 12 cipla

27. Flavoquine oral suspension 50mg / 5ml (amodiaquine) FL / 90ml Sanofi-Aventis

28. Flavoquine 200mg tablet (amodiaquine) B / 16 Sanofi-Aventis

29. Flavoquine 200mg tablet (amodiaquine) B / 240 Sanofi-Aventis

30. Gunate strong tablet (artésunate) B / 6 gvs labs

31. Tvitter powder oral suspension (artemether) FL / 100ml gvs labs

32. Halfan 250mg tablet (halofantrine) B / 6 GlaxoSmithKline

33. Halfan 250mg tablet (halofantrine) B / 120 GlaxoSmithKline

34. Halfan oral suspension 5mg / 5ml (halofantrine) FL / 45ml GlaxoSmithKline

35. Malartin 200mg tablet (artésunate) B / 6 Tri-health

36. Malartin 50 mg tablet (artésunate) B / 12 Tri-health

37. mmh-malarex 450 mg capsule (peschiara fuchsiaefolia) B / 20 ropack

38. Paludrine 100mg tablet (proguanil) B / 56 Astra Zeneca

39. Plasmotrim 200mg tablet (artésunate) B / 25 blisters / 6 mepha

40. Plasmotrim 200mg tablet (artésunate) B / 6 mepha

41. Plasmotrim 50 mg lactab (artésunate) B / 12 mepha

42. Plasmotrim 50 mg lactab (artésunate) B / 25 blisters / 6 mepha.

You can save your life and that of others by not stocking any drug that contains any of these substances: Plasmotrin, Artequin, Co-arinate, Arco, Artedar, Artecon, and Dialquin.

Please, take note of these drugs and never purchase it for any of your friends or family members that may be suffering from malaria. If need be, kindly report any pharmacy that still sells these banned medicines to the appropriate authorities like NAFDAC and NDLEA.