Do You Know That Facebook Can Now Help You Find Free Wi-Fi Network Nearby?

Do You Know That Facebook Can Now Help You Find Free Wi-Fi Network Nearby?

A year ago, Facebook began testing another innovative function in its mobile applications that help you detect where a free open Wi-Fi nearby is. Isn’t this innovation too cool? The way Facebook and the entire social networking apps it manages has been developing leaves the Social media world on a frenzy. See when Facebook launched suicide prevention tools.

Today, searching for a free Wi-Fi via Facebook has now been developed and is ready to roll out to all Facebook users on its Android and iOS applications.

Once you get the new functionality installed on your app, all you need to do is visit the ‘More tab’ and then select ‘Find Wi-Fi’. After this, you may need to turn it on (that is for the first time you use it). Once you do that, you will be shown a list or map view of the closest public Wi-Fi hotspots to your location. You can easily switch between the map and list view too. See things you can now do with your Facebook messenger.

The list of places is equipped with the names and details of the businesses or organisations that operate those free Wi-Fi networks and you can quickly get directions to any of them.

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There is one more unique thing to this innovation; for businesses to show up in the ‘Find Wi-Fi’ section of Facebook, every business that has a public Wi-Fi network must first claim it by editing its Facebook Page information. So, this is still purely an opt-in for only businesses, it might take longer time for Facebook's ‘Find Wi-Fi’ to actually have all of the networks that are out there.

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This innovation is just another way the internet has showered so many online opportunities for local business. This way, people who want to enjoy free Wi-Fi can come into your business place while you showcase your products and services. 

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